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Has anyone's life been changed by an anime/manga?


| Yes.

| There's that manga 'bloody monday' that got me interested in hacking, I'm no hacker(yet) but I studied a lot and even gave a talk about the reconnaissance phase at work.
I'm very proud of it

Also Gundam, it made me learn robotics because I wanted to have a mech, I'm very good with robotics now and I'm preparing another presentation at work about using functional programming on robots.

And prince of tennis, I played tennis for two years and still want to play again someday

| Dont know

| Yes, without anime I very well could have ended up a brainlet redneck drone.

| Serial Experiments Lain made me change my entire personal philosophy multiple times.

| Yes, anime/manga has taught me to be violent.

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You're an idiot.

| Violet Evergarden and 5 cm per Second mad me realize i was depressed... did that make any change concretely, hard to say

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5 centimeters per seconds ;_;

| Nah, just made me bit more unsocialized.

| >>587604 Well, it seems you have just provided proof with your very comment. Very good, sir. Keep it up.

| Watching Haruhi made me come out of my shell after middle school. I used to avoid people and all activities, but in high school I wanted to have all those fun adventures and talks myself, too.

Of course it was nothing like in anime, but I became the student council president and experienced a lot of things and talked to people.
I'm still not a social butterfly, but I work in customer service and can make conversation.

It really changed my life a ton and I love the anime.

| one particular anime fucked my life up for a few years and made me question all of my life decisions

| Anime protags made my personality become more soft towards people. I don't hold grudges, I've become more open-minded, and I've overall became a nice and friendly person to everyone even those that hate me. Also anime protags inspired me to start lifting and exercising so I could get the anime protagonist/spiderman lean body. ( ̄ω ̄)

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it probably sounds really dumb but: Future Diary. I think it really messed me up because I always wanted a bonnie/clyde type of relationship with someone and at the time I was unhappy in a 3 year relationship. It made me think a lot and still impacts me a lot (2 years later). My favorite anime by far but even if I try to talk about it I get emotional a little bit. I don't want a yandere, but I do want someone that will always love me AND they can take care of themselves

| KyoAni made me gay but in a good way

| >>588497 same here, but it was David production in my case

| Gurren Lagaan made me appreciate my friendships and their impermanence, Astolfo made me appreciate man ass

| >>588497 > implying being gay isn't always good

| Clannad (the vn tho) made me realize that I'll never be as awesome as Tomoya and I should get used to being a failure and go from there.

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| "The Rose of Versailles" introduced me to shoujo manga, and helped me appreciate the incredible art and paneling that was developed for shoujo manga during the 1970s.

| Learned the power of friendship

| Yeah it made me realize how much I love tits and that i am the big gay for women

| Idk.maybe if I havent watched evangelion nor lain Im sure I would be a different person today. Maybe less of a crybaby, but still, wouldnt be the same

| Not exactly changed, but i started looking at the world differently after Psycho Pass.

| Anime made me alive again. I was surfing the internet for random videos while contemplating my life's purpose back in 8th grade when I went back to the 'shounen anime watching' club. Now I'm cynical because living in a third world country is similar to living in your average dystopian anime.

| Welcome to the NHK manga made me wanna fucking die (not really, i dropped it midway through, if i have read this to the end, i would not be writing here)

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i finished both welcome to nhk and flower of evil while struggling with the depression of dropping out of college and i'm still alive.

just kidding texting from hell bby. we have dial up internet here.

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Absolute madman.I dopped on 4th episode.

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