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Has anyone else struggled to maintain an interest in anime?

| I used to binge watch anime every day for about a solid 15 years. However, in the last 4 years I've been finding myself struggling more and more each passing year. To finally now I've gone all Summer so far without watching anime at all. I really don't want to stop watching anime altogether, it'll always be a special part of my life. I hate feeling an extreme lack of motivation towards watching it.

| Do I have a short attention span, you ask? No I don't.

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It's not my attention span. I end up sitting around watching 30-60 minute videos on YouTube still quite often as well as documentaries. I also watch Wrestling PPVs and keep up with it weekly. So it's definitely not my attention span. I also can type long structured sentences and posts. So again, nope. I don't believe it's my attention span at all.

| I keep my interest in anime quite easily...

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I can sorta understand what you mean. Some days it's hard for me to sit through an entire episode for no good reason. I watch a shit ton but I can relate to that feeling

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Maybe I'm just getting that "boomer" mentality. I tended to enjoy watching older anime a lot more. But then I have nothing to talk about with current anime fans and people who are around my age aren't really into anime any longer.

Of course I'm currently dealing with a lot of depression so that could be a root to the problem as well. I'm into my 30s now with a lot of problems from neglecting my youth.

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Do you watch random anime or stick to the same tags ?

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I don't really have a particular genre I stick to.

| >>587065 Thank you for making me feel dumb and hurt that it is not your attention span for anime.

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Favourite shows in each genre ?

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I suspect depression is a big part. I've suffered from depression most of my life and I think it's probably the source of my inattentiveness

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I didn't even last 10 years.. and only about 7 years are spent bingeing, the rest are just casually following recommendations or so. i remember being proud about having watched about 200 shows during that time which is just silly now.

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out of curiosity, how long have you been struggling with depression? ..or first realized that you're struggling with it?

| another interesting question might be.. do you struggle remembering the anime you've watched? 'cause i have that problem..

| Dood, i think we are lucky to be able to binge watch the great's from decades ago. But that does sour our view of current times because we dont constantly see bangers in recent releases.

That being said i do think older stuff was a bit interesting in that "Fck it lets make this unproven concept" type of way. Where as now stuff feels far more commodified.

I kinda went from anime to indie games. But again probs just own personal bias.

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That's what makes me like the noitaminA block anime honestly. They make weird stuff there. I wonder if it's still a thing.

Though I wouldn't say that a couple people trying out weird stuff is the equivalent of what you've described. Maybe it's a matter of faith. Maybe we've lost faith in the current generation of anime producer.

| >>587093 not OP, but I solved this problem for myself by putting together a Myanimelist page. I write down a short note after I finish/drop a show, and it dramatically decreased the necessity of rewatching shows.

Noitamina can means anything nowadays. I mean, you can find a handful of A-1 shows that are aired in that slot. What is so weird and different about Silver Spoon? It is just a highschool anime, taking place in farm.

| I guess it is not about city life... but the character, story, and everything else are pretty standard highschool anime.

And then we have Perfect Insider, which is a standard detective show with less common anime artstyle. The show is just people stand around and talking for the most part.

Never watched Saekano, but it looks like a pretty generic harem/ecchi show.

Just recently, Promised Neverland. It is a shounen jump adaptation .

| The new Noitamina might the Netflix exclusive anime. I don't have many examples, but there is no way Devilman: Crybaby will be that gore and explicit had it aired on Japanese TV. I mean, they don't even allow genitals to be shown in their adult movies, and Devilman came swinging with sex scenes in their very first episode. I don't even think that most people would greenlight the idea o remaking Devilman, as anime fans nowadays (including me) wouldn't have watched the original show.

| *The new Noitamina might be the Netflix exclusive anime.

| I decided to start watching anime at 2 times speed. By the time I'm done with the season I get attached to the season, even though I dont invest too much Time

| >>587149 honestly watching most media at between 1.25 and 1.75 improves the experience, gets that nagging feeling of "I'm waisting my time" away and solves pacing issues, though it might make some scenes dramatic and you have to be able to actually listen/read as fast as they talk

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some next level shit here

| When I got tired of anime, I went to visual novels. Unlike anime, those take a lot of time, so I'm too lazy to start any new ones now.

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My interest in anime comes in tides. When I grow tired of it, I move to games/VNs or whatever past time I feel like, then when I inevitably grow tired of it I come back to anime.

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plus the satisfaction of getting to fuck the people you've spent 10+ hours talking to

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I prefer sex.

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>on danger/u/
>has sex

pick one

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| >>587241 that's not how it works, we're not reddit nor 4chan

| >>587163 hmm I dont really slow the speed for anything except for the really cool fighting scenes or when my fav chara is doing something emotional (like crying their heart out). Sometimes when I still haven't gotten into the anime yet I watch it close to 2.6 or 2.7 speed

>I really heccing love king

the only maybe anime I've considered watching at 1x speed is probs seven deadly sins

>>587224 I think you misspell tiddies

| >>587343 yea I actually meant speed up can ruin dramatic scenes but I had just woke up and didn't check what pre caffeine me wrote :p

I stick with 1.25-1.75 because it's faster but I can still understand it, at 2x with some background noise* it can get hard to understand everything

* (Don't buy expensive open backed headphones then have your House ac break so you have a window unit 4 feet away)

| Also that goes for media in English since I haven't watched much anime since I started running most things at 1.x namely YouTube & podcasts

| >>587363 but yt people talk so much shittt how do you sit through a video

| >>587374 maybe you watch the wrong people?

| >>587376 hmm maybe, what people do you watch

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It's really hard for me to personally rank anime. I know that sounds stupid. But usually anime with a certain artstyle I usually gravitate to as well as color schemes. InuYasha was one I did consider my favorite for many years. But the color schemes I'm talking about is generally seen in anime like Weiss Kreuz for a prime example.

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The same I've been suffering from depression since I was a young kid. Anime honestly was what kept my mental health somewhat stable during my childhood and teenage years.

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I went through a phase like that where I'd brag and be "proud" of just how many anime series I had went through. I started losing count once I hit over 700.

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Since the mid '90s, but didn't really know what depression was until I was diagnosed with it in therapy during the early 2000s. Things have just spiraled out of control since and especially in the last two years.

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I don't struggle with the title or what I've watched initially. Sometimes it'll slip my mind and come back if someone mentions it or I come across something online about it. But sometimes specific details I'll forget overtime even sometimes character names or other things like that. But the "images" from the anime as well as the sounds stick with me. I also suffer the same problem when it comes to games. Also I don't remember things in chronological order for some reason.

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That's honestly a good idea, I used to put together lists on Anime News Network. But I've went through so many accounts over the years due to just my own obsessive problems of having to have the same username on stuff throughout the years to not using accounts on anything at all now except for minimal contact using Instagram and Discord.

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I have no idea how anyone can actually watch something like that. Let alone an entire series. That would throw me into a panic attack so fast at watching someone even attempt it.

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Maybe that's just what I need then "a break" and I'll eventually come crawling back to watching anime again.

| >>587458 red letter media is good, lazy game reviews, a chick called Albert, and the ever popular, retro game mechanics explained (made a series on every graphics mode the nes has in depth)

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Believe it or not, I've actually been having sex most of the time in the last 13 years with only about a year of that time where I wasn't sexually active. It's not impossible. But let's be honest my standards weren't exactly the highest. Some lookers sure, but they were crazy and caused way too much drama than it was really worth. Part of me wishes I wouldn't have been so focused on sex throughout my life. It's caused more misery than pleasure.

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It's fine, it's hard to rank shows, even in categories, for me too...

| Anime for nerds. Just drop it.

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non-anime is for faggots

| I just let the desire to watch anime eb and flow. If I wamt to watch a show, I watch it, and feel no need to obsess over it.

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