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8chan "aggressively complies with law enforcement"

| I think Watkins' comments should kill the site, not all the other shit. Even dipshits like Facebook have resisted law enforcement for (according to them) the sake of their user's privacy. What do you g/u/rls think?

| I've never heard -chan on the news more than these past few days. All of the big, uncontrolled chans are going to be murdered. Only the small chans are going to remain insular and continue. Someone on 4chan today, pointed out- that this is kinda forcing the 8chaners back to 4chan- with the potential to make a super cell sized shit storm.

| op is a faggot he couldn't even post in the right board

| >>586669
hey that's me!
For your non-4chan needs: arisuchan and lainchan are still around and pretty cool (I prefer arisuchan, personally).
But, danger/u/ is the best and pref is hot

| Imageboards are going to fade back into obscurity or end up being exclusively part of the deep web. Most likely being honeypots. Is there any hope out of this situation or anything we can do about it?

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I think that's an overreaction. Imageboards are still popular as fuck and will be for a while. 4chan will stay kicking for a long time and even if 8chan doesn't come back, other's will just take it's place

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Yeah, I've personally been bookmarking a bunch of smaller boards to try to become a part of just in case of a major "happening". Also I really don't see 8chan coming back to surface web. I've been hearing about people using it still through TOR and ZeroNet.

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I think it'd be pretty cool if this place got bigger. I think danger/u/ is the shit

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i agree that pref is hot

wait what are you making me say?!

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I masturbate to the thought of pref. but I imagine pref as Dorothy usually

| >>586731
that's pretty accurate but dorothy is moaning in polski

| >>586744
that makes it extra hot

| I2P + hiddenbooru

That's all I'll say

| personally both sites are garbage and I'm not surprised that actual autists who have committed mass shootings are somehow linked with sites like those. If you act retarded and go around being a faggot for the "haha funny lols!!" eventually soon enough you'll surround yourself by actual retards that believe you because they are so mentally deranged they have gained mega autism by lurking in those boards.

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>mega autism

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I can't connect. Is it down?

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I feel like I've most certainly acquired mega autism from my many years on imageboards.

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same /r9k/ and /bant/ gets to you after a few years

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I've been using imageboards since 2004 and before that I was a part of anime forums dating back as far as 1998. So I'm pretty old now and haven't done a damn thing with my life and can't even function in public or with any part of society.

| A-lot of /leftypol/ is no longer using the awfully moderated 8chan board, so we invited them to Bunkerchan and our discord, so it didn't really affect me, and now even more are joining.

The only loss for me is the porn, which isn't too much a burden, and personally, a habit I want to get rid of.

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bunkerchan.xyz for anyone interested. Im glad we finally got our own site. I think it's something the /left/ has needed for a while

| >>588017 >>588015 then stop shilling your fucking 'chan already and go back to it you filthy leftist scum

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go back to /pol/ faggot

| >>588015
Honestly bunkerchan seems like a honeypot considering it was shilled by cripplechan on twitter after he got raped by the MSM.

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Except for the part where it was confirmed just shitpost baiting and not actually the shooter
But dont worry the one guy livestreaming the other shooting on facebook is ok because the general public likes that website
So down with 8chan but lets keep other just as bad websites like facebook and youtube

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> Except for the part where it was confirmed just shitpost baiting and not actually the shooter
Links or it didn't happen.
The difference between 8chan and Facebook is that Facebook will actually try to curb that mess, and did in the case of the ChirtChurch shooting. 8chan by concept lets it spread openly with no limiter.

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