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What year did you start watching anime?

| Well?

| I don't know

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Do you not remember?

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No I don't really remember. I saw Pokémon and DragonBall Z growing up but I didn't really get into anime until I was like 17

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Ah, how old are you now?

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22. I may have actually been 16 when I watched all the Ghibli shit, Death Note, and Cowboy Bebop

| I was very young (5?) when Sailor Moon was airing and knew it was anime. 10 when Pokemon was airing. 13 when I started downloading fansubs and seasonal anime.

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That's roughly my story as well. However I didn't know what anime was until '97 from reading a magazine. But my family bought a couple of VHS tapes for me throughout '95-'96 and I was hooked on the art style and my addiction was born.

Sadly, I started to lose interest in keeping up with seasonal anime around the time Clannad After Story finished. My pacing with anime post 2010 is very sluggish but I do still like modern anime. But typically always go back to older series.

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I still need to watch all of the Ghibli movies. I've watched a great deal of them but there's still a handful I've never went back and watched.

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Most of them are actually as great as people say they are. A few are not as good but definitely worth watching at least once

| 2014

| Around 1999 maybe a little sooner than that, but at the time I didn't even know the word "anime" to me they were just better cartoons with less dumb jokes...

I was a weird kid, everyone else hated Mobile Police Patlabor but I was addicted....

| I watched a few dubbed animes on tv, but only got into anime in 2014. With subs it was so new and cool and epic. I don't watch it much now, cause no anime worth watching lately. (23yo)

| I first started watching dubbed anime on TV very young.

I started getting into anime when i was 10. At the time, i wasent a big fan of anime, for me they looked weird. I decided to watch a season because i was bored and told to myself "if this anime sucks, im never watching anime again". It was called familiar of zero and now because of that, im a weeb. This anime was really good but i hated the ecchi scenes when i was young.

| <6 watching a dub of a dub of macross on VHS
I still have that VHS tape

| My dad was obsessed with anime back in the day, so i've been exposed to anime for as long as i can remember. i didn't get super into it myself until about 6th grade tho. i played tales of symphonia, really liked it, found out it had both a manga and ova based on it, and it was all downhill from there (i'm 21 now).

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Tales of Symphonia is great! That was my first Tales game and the anime is fantastic although I would have liked a full length series.

| Probably like 2009? 2010? Somewhere around then.

| Mid 2000's

| 2016 maybe. And since 2016 I'm trying to quit (pretty successfuly though).

| Early 2000s, I think, but with the rate that anime entered the country it was probably mostly 90s anime.

My earliest anime memories were Pokemon, Doraemon, Digimon, Captain Tsubasa, Detective Conan? Huge part of my childhood

| whenever the desu meme was a thing. i watched rozen maiden cause of it and went from there.

| In 2015, when a friend made me watch Madoka Magica. At first, looking at trailers I didn't understand why he liked it that much, but after watching it, and after that watching Gurren Lagann and Evangelion I was blown away. I haven't stop since.

| The earliest I can remember is in ~2010 when I watched Gurren Lagann. That show got me super into giant robots.

| 14.I remember it like it was yesterday. That was kill La kill and still its one of my favs

| I probably started watching anime in 2011/2012 idk I remember watching stuff like dxd and ecchi shows at 11 yrs old lol

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