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How far back is too far?

| How many people here watch anime from the '80s or earlier? Also as the thread title "How far back is too far?"

| Maybe the ukiyo-e art from the edo period is too far

| Cave paintings is probably too far but it depends on your taste.

| Aliens making the art for when they were creating the simulation of our universe miiight be too far

| >>585606 no appreciation for the aliens' cave drawings? d'aww

| Fug how did I quote the wrong post

| what are some good 70s/80s anime most probably haven't seen?

| >>585992
City Hunter and Lupin The Third.

| >>585992 Legend of the galactic heroes. Classic, still best anime to many people

| kimagure romance <3

| twinkle nora rock me

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This thread is permanently archived