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Lain is Open Source... but with a catch

| https://www.nbcuni.co.jp/rondorobe/anime/lain/ttl/ (jp text)
The catch? it's only for these who resides in japan and it's valid for 9 years.

But then again, even if we legally can't do anything the japs will likely make tons of Lain content that we gaijins can hopefully be able to check about.

Post below is the translated text by some /g/ anon:

| From today till the 30th year anniversary of the broadcast [of SEL]
(2019-07-06), in accordance with the conditions of the Usage Guidelines
and the Usage Agreement below, and limited only to persons residing in
within Japan, consent is given to create secondary works based off of
"serial experiments lain" (hereon referred to as the "Original Work") for
business or non-business purposes, without regard for fees[/compensation].

| There is no requirement for editorial supervision [from the company].

Again, such consent is granted to "Open Source Projects" without legal
personality that is made up and from the community/fans.

- - - -
This is only the quarter of the whole thing but here's the stuff that matters
- - - -

| mportant Points:
1. This consent is limited to secondary works of the original work. Consent
is not given to use the original work directly, or related copyrighted
works before this announcement. You are not allowed to use music,
original recordings, or other images [from SEL].
2. You may not transfer the right to your secondary work to a third party.
[I'm not 100% sure, but I think this is about copyrights. The literal translation of 権利 is "right" or "privilege.]

| 3. If this company experiences unexpected circumstances, the consent given
in the above document (the "Guidelines") or the "Usage Agreement" may
be terminated, or the consent conditions may change
- - - -

| So... nothing has really changed? Free fan content doesn't need any permissions to be created and distributed. At least nobody cares for it being created and distributed. And I have never heard of anyone paying fees when they are doing art comissions with copyrighted characters.

| >>577527 I think this is even less restrictive. If I understand it correctly you're even allowed to make a sequel and sell it for real money without fear of getting sued/cease and desisted.

| >>577538 Doujins exist.

| >>577563 Doujins are legally in a grey area that actually breaks laws. In practice though these laws are rarely enforced since going after fans is contraproductive. Companies on the other hand cant make doujins for profit without getting sued.

In this case however even a rival Company can legally make and sell anything lain.

| Technically it's not open source because
1. Can't reuse the original material
2. Limited only to Japanese people
3. Time limit to use it

It's a pretty cool initiative that will bring more love to lain, but it's not Open Source

| >>577644
>Again, such consent is granted to "Open Source Projects" without legal
personality that is made up and from the community/fans.
Nope, only fanmade stuff

| >>577655
fucked up redtext, but you still get it

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