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I feel bad for liking Cardcaptor Sakura after finding out it has a pedo teacherxstudent relationship in it

| Terada getting it on with his 10 year old student Rika Sasaki because she "come off as someone who's more mature than her peers"

That crap sounds like the shit pedos use when grooming kids.
Man, I loved that show a lot..this fucking sucks..

| *comes

| man people can't just like something they gotta make a big deal about it it's all fiction anyway bro. Barney was also low key worse.

| >>577465
You don't have to feel bad for liking the show/manga
Just feel bad if you thought the author was a cool guy

| Clamp's series always come with a relationship gimmick, such as a family with 2 moms. Or so my clamp loving friend says. Though I never noticed a pedo relationship.

| Japan thinks it's hot to have teacher student relationships in fiction
But it's just fiction so whatever
If we worry about every single immoral thing in fiction we'll go insane, it's all meant to be entertaining, not realistic or correct

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The writers, CLAMP, were all women though lol.

I always figured the relationships were the product of their collective fantasies.

| https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clamp_(manga_artists)

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This thread is permanently archived