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کوی اردو بولتا ہیں؟

| کچ دن پہلے میں نے کوی ایسا ثھرد دیکھا تھا لیکن اس میں اب کچ لکہ نہیں سکتے

| Terrorists in the board

| Remove Kebab

| >>577542 >>577977
Fuck you both. You left the Russians alone, why you gotta bother the Urdu gurl?

| >>577987 duh, obviously because we are russian

| >>577987 Is arabic called urdu? Enlighten me.

| Cool snake language.

| >>578279
Not an expert at all, but that kind of script is used in more languages than just Arabic.

کچ The 3-dot in that word is not used in the Arabic language. اردو is (I think??) read "urdu", so I assumed the language is Urdu. Op is maybe askin if there are any other Urdu speakers here?

Urdu is the language used in Pakistan, btw.


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| >>579095 all terrorists drink water. If we forbid water as a drink, will there be no more terrorists?

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| This and hebrew seem to be the most difficult languages.

| >>578462
Nice runes, you spent all your points on explosion magic, didn't you...

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| I'm so glad I started this thread

| What do you think about Arabic terrorists op? Would Allah want us non-Muslims to die? Why would anyone worship a God like that?

| >>580166 aren't almost all gods of monotheists in fact the same one and only called by different names? What do you think about Christian terrorists? Would God want us non-Catholic to die? Why did Christian people killed Jewish, as both worship the same god? Why have Christian people been called Jews and therefore been killed by polytheists?

| >>580507 it's simple, because lots of ill intentioned religious leaders abuse and distort people's faith for their own selfish reasons
Faith is one of the easiest ways to manipulate others so it attracts all sorts of crooks

| Why are u guys saying this is arabic, its clearly japanese

| >>580507 Haven't heard of no christian terrorists.

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| >>580527 no Japanese looks boxey this is clearly scribbles

| Amen Brother


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| Lol, now we have nazi and terrorists

| >>578400

stepping in for a second- the three-dot چ does see use in arabic- it represents the sound "g" makes at the end of "mirage". there are other such characters, پ and ڤ, that denote the "p" and "v" sounds, respectively

that said, no one really bothers with these outside of official documents and stuff, so it's not really that unreasonable to assume they're not used in arabic

| Cyka blyat

| I'm a terrorist myself and that is definitely not arabic. كسمك

| That's Urdu you nonce

| >>582206 what's the difference?

| >>582577 terrorists speak scribble and nazi speak windmill

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