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Is the right word Sempai or Senpai?


| There's no silent 'm' in Japanese (there's 'mma', but it is constructed like っま), but there's a silent 'n' - ん. That alone should tell you which to use.

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ん can make an m in some situations I though? Or maybe it's just ン that does that
Either way Senpai is correct

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I don't think it applies to ん? It might also be a dialect thing that I don't understand.

But yeah either way it's '先輩', which is mostly read as 'senpai' but I can see where the confusion to 'sempai' came to be.

| i think it's pronounced "sempai", but still spelled with ん and generally romaji isn't adaptive to pronunciation but most english speakers either understand both or none

| M and n for syllable ending are kiiind of interchangeable. It's senpai 99% of the time, but no one's gonna bat an eye if your tongue slipped to sempai

| The Initial D sub that i watch Always goes with the m. Triggers me everytime i See it

| Notice me, shrimp pie.

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| Would you say Hemtai instead of Hentai?


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| >>577507 I would say hRMmMpHHhTieghh

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you watch some good ol hermteigh my bruther?

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This thread is permanently archived