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Cute girls and apocalyptic world.. and nihilism I guess

| Girls' Last Tour, Gakkou Gurashi, Sora No Woto, yokohama kaidashi kikou.. I dig this stuff. For the nihilistic stuff: Kino no Tabi, Hitsugi Katsugi Kuro (sort of), Dead demon dededede destruction (i think? been a while since i read it), maybe Sunday Without God and Jinrui counts too (jinrui is more of absurdism but why not). Anyway, gimme your recommendations gurls.

| Damn, you pretty much have this genre on lockdown. Anything I was about to recommend you, you already read/watched.
Well, thats the extent of my knowledge, op.

| there's a cancelled manga called

Banana No Nana

there are such others i liked such as Diebusters and Yuuki Yuuna. it's just that.. I'm not really sure whether Diebuster is considered "cute" it was cute enough for me tho

| God damnit, gurl. You gotall the good ones. Dead Dead Demons Dededededestruction isn't post-apocalyptic (its still really good though).
Anyways my recs are Tabi to Gohan to Shuumatsu Sekai and Sekai no Owari ni Shiba Inu to. These two series replaces nihilism with dogs.
There's also Chikyuu no Houkago and Private Earth. Both revolves around children on an Earth where everyone else disappeared.
Notable mention: Donyatsu. Donut cats, meatball dogs, giant mechas. Also discontinued.

| Girls' Last Tour scratched my Made In Abyss itch

| Haibane Renmei might be worth checking out

| i recommend The Bones of an Invisible Person. a deeply profound manga with some cute qualities.

| I just stumbled into another manga called Michiwarisou Monogatari. A bunch of vampires survive the apocaltpse and light yuri ensues.

| >>576628 thanks for the recs my gurl

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This thread is permanently archived