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One Punch Man s2

| I hate how much people are saying how bad it is. I was just scrolling through some of the reviews on MAL and there are tons below a rating of 5 which is definitely not true. While the show isn't as good as the first season it's definitely not a bad show by any means. While parts were rushed and the animation quality was worse, I think there were still good laughs to be had and good delivery on parts of the story with the overall show being still very enjoyable to watch

| It's just expectation vs reality
Season 2 wasn't that bad but season 1 had already set the bar high and then season two of Mob psycho 100(the manga is from the same author) was extremely good what also increased the expectations

tl;dr too much hype kills anything

| Bruh, we don't talk about that shit here. Too disappointing to even discuss.

| People have different opinion, idk why you would worry about how others rate your anime. Just go to any critically acclaimed anime, and there bound to be 5/10 review or lower if your scroll low enough.

Some bad but popular anime get 10/10 reviews on the top review, so what? That's just how taste and consensus works.

| Plus, it has the manga version; and the art in there is consistently good. So, when the anime quality dips, maybe some people would think that the anime doesn't live up to the manga and they tell people to read the manga instead by giving the anime lower score.

| Trash

| Unfortunately, it could have been better and we have a bad director as well as an Ill matched studio to blame.

| no way this actually works?

| One Pump Man

| It was good tho

| The first season is parody about heroes, and the second is generic shonen about heroes. I don't care about Genos, the Hero Association, and monsters. All I care is Saitama, and where is fucking Saitama in the second season? That's right. He is gone, and without him, this show is empty.

| >>576749
There's still Garo tho

| What really hurts the show like someone else pointed out. The bar was very high for a studio who has little to no expirence with what One Punch Man is. Look to season 1 and both seasons of Mob. It hurts knowing, just knowing, that it could have been done by trigger. It begs to be asked, what if? That cliff hanger question leaves many fans thinking. What spectatle did i miss out on

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