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we should be more like russians.

| · Traditional
· Strong
· Ethically loyal
· Hard workers but party harder
· Can down a bottle in twelve seconds
· Sexy as FUCK
· The men are actually men
· The women are enchanting
· Soyboys are bullied
· Openly homophobic/xenophobic
· Not afraid of anything, be it bears or Sibirskaja
· Went through world wars and totalitarian governments and somehow are still standing strong
· Immensely rich culture
· Bullies entire nations and nobody can do shit about it
· Striking language

| · Has an actual army
· Even gopniks and drunkards and city-dwellers are better than amerimutts
· Are not even fat
· Biggest country in the world
· Without russians the US. can't even get onboard the ISS
· Right-wing and conservative
· Military tradition and Stalker-attitude
is there a single thing that you can criticize about russians? there's not a single thing about them that you could call cuckoldry. try and come up with something - you can't.
russki = chad

| · rapefugees are simply blown out the water
· Still has crimea
· Still strong despite sanctions
· Made the AK47 and the RPG (some fifty to seventy years ago)
· Made Vodka
· Invented cheeki breeki & blyat
why is everyone still sucking USA's dick? it's even getting fucked in the elections now. let's live the russian way blyat

| >>576412
Ethnically loyal 2nd *

| I openly agree with the opinions expressed by OP!
Я люблю Россия

| even the anthem is fucking awesome. the russian anthem!!
>hymn hull jfk

| - Godlike Putin
- Gulags that help reduce criminality
- Laws that prevent dangerous information from spreading by allowing governmental filterings
- Sense of righteousness so strong they send brave soldiers to fight for what's right in other countries
- Good hackers that help fight injustice across the world
- Impressive past that shows their government can never be wrong

Russia is the best

| >>576452
the army is an integral part in russian society.

| why is this in /a/
i want this to be in /u/

| >>972813 i like your yolk, but could of gone harder

| Everyone is poor as shit so you don't need to worry about big corporations, also anyone who runs against the president is jailed so you never have to suffer your candidate losing

| >>576412 as a Russian I can say that this is bullshit. Russia is not alt-right paradise. We have a bunch of mosques all over the country, a lot of people coming from Asia, and most folks don't want that USSR-like power struggle with the US once again.

I can confirm the "sexy" part though.

| >>576597
>could of
entire post ignored and discarded

| Mods pls?

| >>576789

| Russian anthem is playing in my head just by seeing this thread

| >>576789 this ain't Skyrim, you can't install mods here

| I'd like to live in a Russia OP talks about, but, unfortunately, I live in a different one.
We should be more like muricans. Nice suburban houses for everyone, 4x the salaries and everything other than default cities not being forgotten by the powers that be.

| Not to mention. Putin is in a isekai manga.

| This is in /a/ because russia is anime

| >bullies entire nations and nobody can do shit about it

China: Hold my pandas

| >>577027
fuck you prc i hope you die

| >>577027 America does that, true.

| Russian citizens are allowed to make chimeras. Edgar lived in Germany, which is near Russia. Nina was probably living in Russia.

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