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Any show to make me care for anime once more?

| There are new seasons of mob psycho and bungo stray dogs, both being the anime I've enjoyed few years ago. I can't bring myself to continue watching it. I feel like if I wanna watch stuff I can just subscribe to netflix and watch normal shows. Have I become a normie? What do I do now, weebs? Is there anything awesome enough? Am I too old?

| Never too old
What's some stuff you've seen already? What kind of stuff do you like? Have a MAL?
Check out FLCL if you havent. It's fun and has great music.

| Honestly its completely natural. I'm doing the same thing but I just find myself watch the office or some other reality show now. Humor at least pertains to my life instead of some fantasy anime. I'm sure an anime will spark your interest for it again. Also the seasons lately have been stale besides the big ones

| Hey, I'm in the same boat as you OP. Though rather than not liking anime anymore, it's more like I started liking too many things. If your experience is anything like me, you might want to try reading manga and light novels instead. It saves time and you'll get more content than the adaptation. Plus I don't get hyped at voice acting as I used to.

| I still like anime, but most new ones feel empty and shallow
Maybe it's just nostalgia stopping me from seeing the flaws in older ones, though.

| What got me first into anime was sao. I loved that there was a world unlike the real one, something where something that normally was ridiculously mundane (killing some rpg boss) was inspiring. So I am recommending you inspiring anime u didn't watch yet. That Or very anime ish stuff (like mob100 s2 everyone gets inspired by different things but I can at least tell you what inspires me: mia, place further than universe, space brothers.

| >>575898 how dare you talk about inspiring anime and not mention Gurren Lagann?

| I have not watched too many recent animes, however I did start watching Re:zero and I gotta say it's pretty good! Just a fair warning, the protagonist might piss you off.

| You're just entering your stagnation phase, an important step on your path to becoming a real weeb. Just watch whatever happens to catch your eye once it happens to do so.

| >>575900 >>575906 >>575898 Seen these 3. I'd watch a second season for Made In Abyss. Not sure it's even a thing.

| >>575924 I think they're making a movie to continue it but they're reformatting the first season into 2 movies first.

| 12 kingdoms, flying house, gungrave, fooly cooly, paranoia agent, sci-fi Harry, sexy commando!!!!!!!!!!

You have great tastes gurl

| Made In Abyss.

| Turns out what you want to jump into genre wise, for me Black Lagoon and Darker than Black along with Spice and Wolf got me back into anime as a whole, try those out.

S&W - Romance Slice of Lice and economics

Darker than Black - Mystery

Black Lagoon - Dark hearted black humor and action.

I say try some older stuff and then move on to the new shit

| >>576011 good ol Japanese electric batman. I really wish season 2 was better. Season 1 was top tier for sure

| OP should watch Washio Sumi wa Yuusha de Aru trilogy movie

god send

| >>576105 i'm probably forgetting something. but i've always thought DTB was chinese due to the chinese names and codenames ._. just that... it's made by japanese people...?

unless i'm forgetting something here

| >>576011 I've seen a lot of older ones. Out of these I haven't seen Darker than Black. Watched first episode. Seems interesting.

| >>576177
That's because it's actually Chinese electric batman. Chinese guy in Japan. Japanese made anime

| Planetes because i like characters who can destroy my sanity levels
It got me back into the weeb lyfu

| Monster if you like older and longer shows

| >>576188 ah yeah, that kinda sits right with my memory lel

| Watch Dr. Stone. The overall concept is just sooo refreshing. It's a good escape from the over generic magic and school concept.

| if you are kind of tired of watching 2D stuff, try Houseki no Kuni(Land of the Lustrous). it's still in the category of japanese anime, but it is almost entirely animated with CG. i know it sounds off-putting, but HnK makes use of CG animation in a way that makes it distinct from any else. with a great plot, and even better character depth, it's one of those shows that has really revived my love for anime.

| It's okay,I find like one anime I like per season these days. Zombie Land Saga was fun.

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