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Japanese meme thread or something

| There are just so many japanese meme reference in anime and it's not like I know how to google them being originating from japan and all that.

Alright, first of all, what started the whole "all butlers are sebastian" thing?

And then there are minor ones like why "et tu brutus" is so popular, or what does "Me, it's me" even mean. I'll think up more of them as the thread goes.

| nurupo

| >>574380 gah!

| >>574355 The 'Ore wa, ore!' meme basically pokes fun at how Japanese phone scammers use vague language to trick others into thinking they're a relative in need of money.

| Butlers are either sebastian or gotoh. No idea of the origin, probably because people realize that there are a lot of anime with butler named sebastian, and then start calling any butler sebastiab to preserve the meme.

I consider schrodinger cat as japanese meme. As a lot of anime use it to sound smart and complicated; while in reality the experiment has no real life applicability.

| And then even worse, anime fans who quote schrodinger cat from the anime that they watch. I once stumbled upon a thread about a stalker who justify his action by quoting stuff related to schrodinger cat in umineko lol

| >>574464
tl;dr people saying 'according to quantum physics' to explain things they don't understand.

No offence to actual quantum physicists that always start their Thanksgiving conversation that way though.

| Imagine being a quantum physicist
must be so metal

| >>574464 wow that person is really the worse human being ever....imagine that shit show when they finally get caught lol

| >>574465 GOD that was so annoying in Bunny Girl Senpai. None of them were relevant or accurate at all. Just call it magic ffs.

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