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First waifu and how you knew she's waifu material

| CC when the tv scared her


| May from Pokémon, dunno why.

I was a kid and had a crush for her, that's all...

| rei from nge, I remember seeing her smile in episode 6 for the first time and it still warms my heart everytime I see it

| Haruhi when she had her monologue

| OP: I like my waifu when she has been reduced to potato

| Minene from Mirai Nikki.
Because she blows bigger holes into already gaping plot holes.
And she doesn't give a fuck about it.
(it's natural, there's literally deus ex machina in the story)

| coco bandicoot. first of all, she's an imouto before imouto was cool

| I've had plenty of anime crushes but Jill is still the top tier waifu.

| Hanako, from that lovely game made by 4chin. I wanted to hug her, and it fucked me up hard.

| >>574236 >>89e02f >>89e02f >>574236 >>574236 >>574236

| Lilly from the game where you fuck disabled girls. I think she's also what got me into mature girls.

| Nana Osaki <3
When I heard her beliefs on how music was important to her. Also when she said, "Singing is better than sex" to her
I'm stuck between wanting to be her and wanting to be inside her. Alas, such as the lesbian dilemma lol

| >>574960 kagawa shoujo?

| >>574962 Katawa Shoujo, yeah. Really good VN considering it's made by a bunch of anons from 4chan

| >>574729
I gotta play those routes right now, see you in a month or smthg.

| hikari from Digimon. i dont know what specifically made me waifu her but i knew right away she was for protecc

| Holo from Spice and Wolf. It's that joking personality of hers and her sad moments that make me wanna protecc her so bad

| I love Yukikaze Panettone!
She's literally the opposite of me at everything, that's when I knew she was a perfect waifu material for me.

| No love for Major Motoko Kusanagi? I'll take that Gorilla woman to waifudom anyday. Frankly a reason to like her is she's mysterious and has genuine moments when she shows a bit of herself to the other members of S9 and I love what is shown.

| well Maka from Soul Eater because that was my first anime ;PPP

| Kanna from dragonmaid she is a qt3.14

| Sailor Venus

| Frickn Aqua when I watched konosuba

| Had to do some backtracking on this one, and I came to the conclusion that it was probably Lina Inverse. That Dragon Slave just does something to me.

| Tenchi Muyo’s Ryoko

| Mayushii is my love
f o r e v e r

| Motoko from Love Hina
turned me into a weeb
looks great with any hair
looks great as a maid
gets naked regularly

| >>575793
> love hina
You have great taste

| I had a crush on Usagi and Misty when I was young but idk if I'd call them waifus.
First girl in anime I actually loved was probably Winry from FMA.
Currently would only really count 2: Minako from Sailor Moon and Kumiko from Hibike! Euphonium

| Holo from S&W, that Sassy personality always gets me.

| Kaori from your lie in april. I watched alot of anime up to that point, but I never had one touch me like that one did.

| >>575835 Winry? I can definitely respect that my man

| Videl from Dragonball Z. I was very young and my tomboy love started very early.

| >>576252
Yeah something about her being caring for the brothers but still having her own stuff going on too and being avle to take care of herself
Plus she's a cutie

| First waifu is Black Rock Shooter.

both versions of her. as in, Stella Gray and B*RS in the anime.

when she says the truth about the otherworld, something within me was moved.

| Mashiro from Sakurasou when she looks up and sais she likes his name. I thought waifus are a ridiculous thing until then.

| i really like kumiko oumae from hibike! euphonium because of how expressive she is

| Tomoko Kuroki because she was me in high school

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