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Name an anime right now

| I'll watch it, unless I've seen it already and long anime like One Piece.
I'll watch the whole entirety of it so if ya give me something bad, >angry burg

| Fate/Zero

| 12 kingdoms

| >>571174
Seen it, easily the best Fate anime
Thanks g/u/rl

| Eureka 7....only 51ish eps but I cried at the end. It was good

| Sci-fi Harry as well

| Legend of the Galactic Heroes

| >>571181 glad you've seen it, yo should play fgo (actually good mobile game) too, if you are interested in the universe

| RD Sennou Chousashitsu

| last exile
last exile fam! the silver wing
Last witch izetta
yuuki yuuna wa yuusha de aru
witch hunter robin

| Forgot to mention the first anime named that I haven't seen.
But thanks for the suggestions

Tried it, liked the gameplay well enough, but the summon rate and the rate at which a f2p can summon killed it for me.

| Spice and Wolf

| >>571399 hahaha those rates are pretty f'd up. I actually got shuten, and a ton of 4 stars, including emiya so idk i'm probably just super lucky

| Thighs thighs thighs
Wait no, I meant Joshi Kausei

| Higurashi

| Izetta the last witch

| The Law of Ueki

| Gabriel Dropout

| Gun X Sword

| Flip Flappers!

| Black Rock Shooter

| Tiananmen Square in 1989

| Made in abyss

| Now and Then, Here and There

| Toji no Miko

| Overlord

| Steins;Gate

| Aldnoah Zero

| Aura Battler Dunbine

| Inferno Cop

| Mankitsu Happening

| Spice and Wolf

| The night is short, walk on girl and also tatami galaxy

| Carole and Tuesday seems interesting. Given and Yarichin bitch-bu!!!

| Hibike! Euphonium

| Nichijou

| Dakaretai otoko iichi ni odosareteimasu!!!

| Angel Beats

| Chuunibyou demo Koi ga shitai

| Shoujo Ramune

| Steins;Gate

| Sao


| >>571162 7 deadly sins

| Toradora!

| Future Not Conan is an oldie that's really underrated

| Future Boy Conan omfg what is this autocant madness?!

| >>573525

| Girls Last Tour

| >>573525 >>573558 SUPER YES DUDES!

| Danshi Kokusei no Nichijou

| Golden Boy

| danshi koukousei no nichijou

| Oh, wtf. Someone already said that!

| >>573833 of course it was already said, that anime is a masterpiece

| Gurren Lagann
Code Geass
Angel Beats
Assassination Classroom
Break Blade

| Gintama
Black Cat
>>571810 YOU ROCK

| >>574009 and You're scissors

| Darker Than Black

>>574011 you're paper, the strongest of the three in the current world.

| Girls und panzer

| Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

| Read Or Die, the TV

Also, this was my first exposure to anime. I highly recommend it to n00bs



| Mushishi

| PewDiePie

| >>574582 the India arc was bombastic but the end was too weak

| Euphoria :)

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