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Goddamit Va-11 hall-a is doing a collaboration with some kinky game

| I've seen a weird rumor about Va-11 Hall-a that it is going to start a collaboration with the chinese kankole-like game 'Girl's frontline'. Why? Why did the cyberpunk bartending action game decided to do a colaboration with total mess of waifus and guns? I don't get it

| Heaven forbid valhalla be associated with waifus

| Cause at least one of the guys who made VA-11 HALL-A is a gacha-addicted weeb.

| >>570149

this but unironically is the reason.

| in particular he likes Girls Frontline.

| Isn't Va-11 Hall-a advertised and cyberpunk bartending with waifus?
waifus are an essential part of Va-11 hall-a

| Isn't Va-11 Hall-a the kinky one though? I read more sex-themed dialogues from it than GFL.

| https://mobile.twitter.com/GirlsFrontlineK

| My EYES!!!!

| >>570195 waifus are an essential part of any franchise.

| Why do you care so much, OP? Collabs bring more attention to both parties involved. That means a lot of people who may have normally never played (or even known of) Va-11 Hall-a will now likely check it out now. It's a form of advertising for both games, and there's literally nothing to lose by doing it.

| >>570103 have something againt KanColle?


| girls frontline is great and OP is a true fag

| Girls' Frontline is a less sexualized and more heavily cyberpunk themed game writing wise than VA-11 Hall-A honestly. I really like both games and am greatly looking forward to the collab.

| Not OP and don't care about the colab. But I can see how people are seeing girls frontline as more sexualized/lewd than Va11

Even if the Va11 has more sexual themed dialog and innuendos, you don't discover it right away. The first customer is not dorothy, it took players a while before meeting streaming-chan. While in girls frontline, the tutorial already shows units with torn clothes and then you are greeted by the assistance lady with unbuttoned shirt already showing her clevage

| Plus, eveyone in va11 dress appropriately, while some units in girls frontline (iirc) has their underwear showing up ala shimakaze from kancolle.

Not to mention that most sexual dialogs in va11 are involving dorothy and streaming-chan, which make sense since it fits their jobs and characters. While in girls frontline, everyone ended up with torn clothes after being defeated.

| >>570939 >>570946 Reminds me of something Fernando or Christopher (can't remember which one is Ironiclark) said about Dorothy in their blog.

"We wanted to make her sex friendly but not actually sexual."


"Dorothy isn’t actively sexualized, as there aren’t characters lusting for her in-universe, she doesn’t show a constantly horny behaviour (only one time and that’s after hearing how hacking works) and her invitations are usually jokes of the moment."

| >>570161 I wasn't being ironic

| My problem is that in a collab (for ex sake) with ubisoft i can just cheat the skin or we and get the new Va11HallA content. In this game i can't. And I hate time waster (looking at Time as resource) games a lot more than with microtransacrions. Correct me if I'm wrong but gfl has both. I don't know a lot about gfl tho. may actually be a solid game. Mind trying to sell it to me? Also waifus in gachas often have a flat personality. Would hate to see flat versions of the cast

| >>570810 so it had been spoken!

| Also op va-11 literally owns the URL waifubartending.com like this isn't exactly out of character for the devs

| >>571527 I've tried girls frontline and drop it after a short while. Yes it has microtransactions and waiting mechanic just other other gacha games. It is just more generous/playable without paying.

Some people will try to sell it to you saying that it is a good strategy game; but if you don't like energy system, endless grind, microtransactions, or any gacha games in general, then you won't like the game.

| The site is literally called "waifubartending" what did you expect?

| >>571557

What waiting mechanic? The game throws out repair tickets faster than you can use them, eliminating waiting for girls to repair, and there's no energy system for just general play unlike most gachas.

Resources have to be grinded I guess but that's only to pull girls and is hardly different than grinding crafting items in your average MMO, except that it does that automatically without having to mindlessly click shit.

| The microtransactions are for costumes. And I don't know why this wasn't mentioned yet, but the whole reason there was even a collab was because Sukeban actually likes the game as a whole. If that's not enough reason to at least try it, then there's no point trying to sell it to you otherwise.

| I can say that the girl's aren't flat personality wise too but that's not something I can really describe unless you play it. If you want you can spoil yourself on the gfl wiki: https://en.gfwiki.com/wiki/Girls'_Frontline_Wiki

| >>572319 just because the game is giving items that allow you to continue playing or craft/repair stuff faster, doesn't mean it doesn't have waiting/energy system. The mechanic is still there, the game just decide to give the player a bit of freedom to bypass them in form of repair tickets.

It is unlikely, but there is always a chance that the game decide to be stingy with those item in the future, making the player has to wait for everything.

| >>572319
Lootboxes and gacha are notorious for their low drop rate, but let's say a game has 30% SSR drop rate in average. Yes, the gacha is no longer predatory, but can you say that the game is no ponger gacha games? It is still there and you still have to roll for a chance to get SSR amongst other trash, instead of directly paying for stuff that you want ala DLC.

| >>572320 yes, the microtransactions are only for costumes, but it is a waifu games which a lot of people play for the girls. It is a no brainer that people will care about the costume that their waifu wears and tempted to spend money on that.

| Reminder that even when you don't spend money on gacha you still waste lots of time while playing them. Read manga or books instead.

| >>572694 that's also a waste of time though

| I think the problem is not wasting your time. It is just that these gacha games sometimes have ranked events, and by participating as a free player, you just giving more reasons for the paying players to spend money to get an adventages.

Which means, you are indirectly enabling/supporting the business practice.

| >>572694 >>572710

All entertainment is a waste of time if you don't enjoy yourself.

| shut op, the collab art is awesome

| >>572834 exactly!

| Bartender game and war game collab seems wrong to me

| >>573315 Tending bar for war patriots doesn't sound wrong... I think

| There better be a Glitch City White Knight Valkyrie in the game somewhere...

| Gacha games are genuinely awful.

| >>573546

Sei is a character you can recruit, so technically yes.

| Just checked the wiki to see if there was any interesting gun.

>There is a Winchester Model 1897.

Please don't slamfire our Jill.

| Interesting comments made here I see.

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