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Need recommendations

| As title says. Can anyg/u/rl recommend anime/manga/novel? (format doesn't matter) Preferably something... fun I guess? No isekai or shonen though please.

| Boku no pico

| Kanojo Okarishimasu isn't a comedy but still gold

| Initial d?

| >>569391 hi regular troll :3
>>569403 watched it, but thanks for listing it here, don't see people talking much about it
>>569396 This looks promising, thanks!

| 'Sweet Home' and 'Bastard'. Both are manwha though. 'Sweet Home' is about a monsterization apocalypse and 'Bastard' is about a serial killer living with his father.

NOT korean smut. Just fun psychological thriller horror drama.

| >>569485 I second these if you like triller/horrors. I read them both on webtoon, and while Bastard is finished Sweet Home is still continuing. Another thriller horror is Higurashi.

Though if you mean fun like a comedy, there are some good stuff in the school Slice for Life nowadays. Like Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, and Watamote. Both are manga with anime adaptions.

| Grand Blue

| >>569485 >>569549 Bastard looks very interesting, will start reading ASAP, thanks!

| Sup g/u/rls, I actually know one game. It's like the best VN I've ever played thus far. Great soundtrack, beautiful artwork and even it's name give you chills, which is VA-11 Hall-A.
Though if you happen to already know it, I can suggest another one. It's free and quite small but makes you feel so much emotions in those 30 minutes of gameplay. Just google "YOU LEFT ME"

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