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Anime Characters with social anxiety

| Give me some characters with social anxiety and the name of the anime they're from.

| Sora from Sketchbook

| Miyako Hoshino (Mya-nee!)
Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down To Me

| Tomoko Kuroki. WataMote

| Also obviously Bocchi from Hitoribocchi.
She's peak sovial anxiety.

| Animation was pants, but welcome to thr nhk was pretty good.

| Well, manga not anime. But Komi from Komi Can't Communicate (Komi San wa, Komyushou desu). Although beautiful and kind, she has anxiety disorder to the point she can barely talk, despite her wanting to make friends.

| >>569012 >>569008 two opposite extremes representing people with the same problem
That's almost poetical

| Faggot OP from "This fucking life"
(No offense, me retard)

| Sato from Welcome to NHK I guess

| 'Menhera-chan'. Not an anime or the fashion mascot, just a 4koma manga. This one is most probably the most realistic depiction of heavy mental issues I've ever seen.

| L A I N

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This thread is permanently archived