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where did konosuba go?

| serious fucking question? the wiki sounds more advanced than the series. where is the latest? did everything really end in 2017??? i love konosuba!

| Get the light novels
They're really good

| I've heard the story continues in the light novels and the manga
Maybe try there?

| what about the anime

| thanks for reminding me that light novels exist so i can put stuff in the ebook reader that i keep questioning why i even bought

| my word.. the LN's art style is so beautiful compared to the anime.. I mean, look at that handsome kazuma

| >>568866
Most anime shows are made asan advertisement for the source material, which is quite often an LN.
If you're not sub a 60 IQ monkey and you enjoy light reading, you will absolutely get hooked on light novels since they carry most stories better.

| It was the Konosuba LN that started me on reading fantasy novels

| On a side note, can I find them online? Since no shop near me sells LN

Captcha: Osama beefy genes

| >>569052 you can get them on Amazon or easily find through "other means"
In English up to volume 8 IIRC

| >>568866 >>569015
i don't think you apes understand. "i want the anime".

| Season 3 never I guess. Sucks for illiterate people

| Isn't there a movie coming out in the near future?

| >>569248
This might surprise you, but we cant make anime exist just because you asked so nicely.Your only option is the LN, or crying online about it.

| >>569248
It's close.
Very close.

| >>569248 just learn to read, you'll thank us later
I assure you that the LN is better than the anime in pretty much everything

| Aye Konosuba is coming up in movie! It is called 'Red Legend', and it contains the story of Konosuba Vol.5. I am not sure if it is going to be on netflix or any western theater, but if you are able to translate japanese I reccomend you to watch new movie.

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This thread is permanently archived