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Just finished reading Nichijou. It's so short!

| I'm now reading CITY and it's such an improvement from Nichijou. The characters have more characteristics and the scenarios are so better drawn!
I'm loving it.

| Ever heard of Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou ? It's the same as Nichijou but it's males. You should watch it :-)

| >>b17c16
Really?! Such a thing exists?! I'll give it a try.

| >>b17c16
Is there Yaoi in it??? Asking for a friend.

| >>568578 no idea about the manga, but the anime has no yaoi, at best it's just bromance.

Nichibro took away the moe from nichijou and replaces it with some "male only" jokes. It is less random, but a bit more dirty.

Regarding nichijou manga, the anime is better at the joke delivery + it has luxurious kyoto animation scenes.

| >>15e023 There's none of that in the manga and in the anime ;-)

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