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Dislike for romance/school anime

| I can't stand watching these kinds of anime, but today the crazy in me has decided to step out of my comfort zone to watch them. With that said...


| Love is War is a really good current one. It's quite funny. Also if you also read manga, read Ms Komi is Bad With Communication, also quite funny.

They do have a school romance element to them, but neither are shoujo. They focus on mainly comedic aspects.

There are a few shoujo I like too, but I find it's harder to find good ones. While both shounen and shoujo animes have similar tropes to many in the same genre, shoujo's tropes get insufferable.

| If you want lovey dovey overload try Tsuredure children

| imo nichijou is probably the top romance anime since 2011, most romantic, cute, etc

100% true, no bullshit

| sounds like you're bored. and that's why you need to watch gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun

| You must watch Toradora!
There's also Yuru Yuri.

| Toradora seconded. 100%.>>568541

| I'd also have to recommend Toradora like the 2 anons above me. It's great

| Well then fourth for Toradora.

| Acchi kocchi(place to place). You will prob die tho but it will be worth it.

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This thread is permanently archived