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Looking for VN

| Anyone know any good sci-fi visual novels? Particularly space ones? Also not looking for a kinetic vn.

| Baldr Sky Dive 1 (and 2) is a great sci-fi and has a cool combat part to it, but it's not translated to English. Someone's doing it I heard, though.

| I enjoyed 'Heaven Will Be Mine'

| Is daiteitoku count?

| Planetarium is apparently pretty good

| i'm gonna be that guy.. play steins;gate

| oh, only space ones huh.. well fuck me i guess

| oh, Analogue: A Hate Story is not listed as kinetic and it takes place in space.. sort of

| >>568508 don't forget Hate Plus! .w.

| Play Stellaren. It's for android and it's underrated as heck. Heck, do people even know about this VN? You can get it for free though which is a very BIG plus. It is a very awesome sci-fi VN with military elements and multiple romance routes. In my opinion it's one of the best VN you can get for space. I take VN for breakfast so I'm pretty sure of this.

| Oops, I got too excited and missed that you don't want kinetic vns which is what Stellaren is. My bad.

| just read Steins;Gate or other SciADV VNs they're good

| >>568521 Thanks for reminding me howmuch I loved the analogue hate games.

| >>568521 i'm not a big fan of hate plus because the author pulled a big nope on my waifu

also that f*cking teaser steam achievement

| >>568805 can't tell if this is sarcasm or nah

>>568864 pfft, i wasn't a big fan of hate plus too.
though... for a very different reason ' -')

| Ever17 and Remember11 if you want the classics
I/O if you want to read something really long and weird

| Oh, and Root Double, Kikokugai, Zero Escape, Snatcher, and Policenauts

| >>569102 dude! Serious Spoilers!
You know which of those I'm talking about
zero escape[/spoilers]

| >>569106
I don't think anyone has gone into that game without knowing at least something about its true nature since it released

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