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| Some underrated animes that you think are masterpieces? (or just good)

| Jintai, arakawa under the bridge, planetarian, domestic no kanajo

| A place further than the universe, Space Dandy, Law of Ueki (my childhood show) and Welcome to the NHK

I would say Ace Attorney but it was pretty meh, even though I love the playing the series.

| And Shirobako. Gotta add that one too~

| Isn't A place further than the universe, and NHK pretty well known for being well not master pieces, but pretty good?

| >>566438 Different people, different strokes. I never believe these shows being perfect but I love them nevertheless.

We can agree they're pretty good, but they're my masterpieces <3

| Legend of the galactic heroes. Most people don't know about this masterpiece anymore. It's still being streamed on Animax though.

| What genre is it?

| >>566388 Planetes, Monster (not as underrated though), and Beck.

| [email protected]

| Psychopass, fate zero, fate stay night (both ubw and heavens feel), code geass, devilman crybaby, and rise of the shied hero is really good aswell

| >>566566 its sci-fi, military with a little bit romance. It's really good, try it out.

And also check out The Count of Monte Cristo. It is also a nearly forgotten masterpiece. Both are being streamed on Animax though.

| Wouldn't say masterpiece but I was suprised by how good Jormungand turned out to be

| Extremely good masterpieces:
Eden of the east
Heaven's memo pad
Future boy Conan
Flip Flappers
The Kite movies are very very good. The only bad thing about them is that there's an uncensored hentai scene in the Netflix version, just a warning on that.

I haven't even watched it but Boko no piko is the masterpiece of cringe.

| Also Japari park. I'm not as interested in the story as I am in the background world building. That stuff gets dark pretty quickly!

| >>566992 I like your taste

| >>566992 thx g/u/rl

| >>566574 planetes is amazing, so is the manga, i wish they were more popular
Haibane renmei is also really good and really underrated, very good fantasy slice of life

| Katanagatari is pretty good. Same author as the ongoing Monogatari series.

| Boku no pico is a masterpiece in it's own right

| >>567940 monogatari has ended though.

| Second Haibane Renmei. The Masterpiece.
Also Kanon 2006.
Kino no Tabi, the original one.
Beck is really, really good, but I don't know how it feels to the people who don't have much intimacy to music.
Koi Kaze.

| Mawaru Penguindrum.

| Toji no Miko

| i don't know if it's underrated or even to your taste, but i for one have always liked

Top wo Nerae! Gunbuster and its sequel Diebuster
Magic of Stella

and just as a heads up;
Gunbuster is mecha
Amanchu is diving
Yotsuba, Colours, and Magic of Stella is slice of life

lastly i'd put an honorable mention for Hitoribocchi no Maru Maru Seikatsu. Though, i don't really know whether or not it already has an anime ' 3'

| oh yeah, i almost forgot, the person who made Gunbuster is the same person that made neon Genesis Evangelion :3

| >>568138 +1 Haibane Renmei

| I thought Megalo Box was kino

>gunbuster and diebuster
my man

| >>568515 that's right dood :D

it hurts me somewhat if someone says the've never heard of it T w T

like.. i'd be fine with "i've heard of it but haven't watched it" but "never heard of it" makes it seem like no one in their circle of friends has mentioned it Q w Q

| I like this underated gem called Attack on Titan

| >>Shinsekai_Yori&Rainbow

| Tonari no Seki-kun,Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Nan

| >>568772 I see you're a g/u/rl of culture as well

| I have to keep watching Planetes
Gave such good vibes...

| try Gugure Kokkuri-san and Sora no Woto

| Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

| Wolf's rain.
The first half might be boring, but you have to watch till end

| 12 kingdoms, gungrave and sci-fi harry

| Log horizon is underrated

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