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Name your own anime/manga/light novel/audio drama etc. etc.

| Give me your very best title! And a genre!

| Life in a different world as a toilet bowl.

Genre:Borderline Hentai

| The coder who leapt through sprints

Genre: psychological horror, thriller

| Bump mad

| Glossolalia

Genre: Cyberpunk, Psych. Horror

| Anew - manga

Genres: tragedy, drama

The main character wakes up after 2 months in coma and finds out that he's a pretty wealthy man with a buisness and lots of close friends around him who make him happy. But soon with new, unbiased look he starts to see their true nature and intentions. His character also develops throughout the story in, what it seems, a completely different direction compared to his previous careless self. The changes make him also lose his real friends.

| *business of, sorry

| >>565695 being a cute catgirl in a world everyone wants to give you love. Learning that accepting love and head pats is very hard as well.

| No

| Magical Messiah Marie
Anime & Manga
Genre: Mahou Shoujo

| the day i've waited for you
Anime & Manga
Genre : Military, Romance, Tragedy (i guess)
The anime is about a girl who was in military as medic in the front line. He then met her old friend from highschool And also met her crush in the front line, then they fell in love. She was depending on him as he was the one that help her from social anxeity and depression back in highschool. He promised he will stay with her forever and marry her. But he was dead by an explosive device->

| And the girl send back home due to injured during battle. Now she has to live and survive all lone in post war and developing country.

That's the best i could come up with
I'll try to imporve the story

| The last blade master

Blade masters, also known as ''gods'', all died from an huge raging war agaisnt by the humans (they were like 300 ppl) but Noa was the only survivor. Humans only can learn normal magic from the four elements. Yes they sometimes have exceptions. Blade masters were hated because of their power. Humans wanted their blood. Noa had to hide her identity for a long time and needed allies. She survived in the magic world for long until Ayato. Fucking Ayato dude

| >>566781 sound like Avatar the last airbender

| >>566813
Never watched Avatar so idk what it looks like

| >>566898 whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
We need to fix this ASAP, go watch it but no need to bother with the sequel(korra) it's not bad but its5not nearly as good

| It's good but the fans have rose tinted glasses, I enjoyed i just didnt think it lived up to the hype

>go on, call me gay

| Forumphilia: Main character is born with epilepsy. One day he goes to a random forum and someone calls him a gay freak. Suddenly he is a gay freak,but doesn't have epilepsy anymore. Then he goes to a milf board and someone calls him a milf. Then she goes to a furry board and becomes an actual kemonomimi. Every day she has to go to school and she's different, but everyone still recognizes her.

Genre: Psychological, Monogatari-esque, isekai

| >>566969 Sounds like your main character can become a superhero/villain

| Anti-hero anime are always fun to watch

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