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"wow, look at all these people crushing on this underage girl"

| Why is 90% of anime either an intentional pedobait or a delusional case of "WhAt If ThE wOrLd Is RuN bY tEeNaGeRs". Am I supposed to be happy that the mature looking girl I liked throughout the series was 15 all along ? Wtf is this bullshit ?!

| >>565480 m8 calm the fuck down it's just a picture

| anime is literally made for teenagers why is this surprising?

| Wow look at this person who doesn't know how to separate reality from fiction!
Honestly it's mostly like >>565593 said but another target audience that fits are adults who wish they could be teenagers again, life is easier when you're 15

| It's a common culture in Asia to look at high-school years with rose-tinted glasses, remembering it as the best part of life and all that. It makes sense that they'll set most of their fantasy in being teenagers.

| >>565480 because you are probably watching the most popular ones, or the currently airing one.

Maybe watch stuff like ghost in the shell, cowboy bebop, space dandy and other stuff. Heck, if you don't like old anime; megalobox is still quite fresh, fate/zero looks better than most new anime.

Stop being lazy and curate stuff before you watch it.

| Hose bump

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This thread is permanently archived