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How much of your playlist is anime music?

| Be honest

| 25-35%

| Define anime music. Does Japanese music in general count because my playlist is basically 50% Babymetal.

| I think it's just openings, endings and general anime OST

| It used to be 90% but now more like 5% (video game music are better)

| 2-5%, I think

| 15%. It used to be a lot more, but I've gotten into lofi, future funk, post rock, all that jazz.

~rebel kneel rails

| Around 30% if you count Videogame music then probably 60%

| Probably 15% considering I'm a die-hard metal fan. I also enjoy synthwave and jazz.

| Pre-JoJo, probably at least 80%
Post-JoJo, probably 10-20%?

However, in my grand playlist of every song I've ever downloaded, it still has all those Japanese songs so maybe 50-50. Don't listen to that playlist often though cause it's a mix of way too many genres.

| all of them is anime

| 5%
I have only have FLCL and Evangelion soundtracks

| 90%

| like 10 songs out of 1400~

| 50℅ Anisongs
50% Jpop

I'm the true definition of weeb.

| 0%

| Basically 80%. Fucking pathetic.

| 5% a lot of them just sound the same stylistically to me save for a few.

| >>46e670 you should listen to some of the Madoka Magica sountracks. It's just pure beauty.

| 25%... Probably

| About 80%+ but most are OST and instrumental, no trash vocaloid music

| I keep my weeb music and other music in separate playlists for maximum lack of self-confidence

| 95% of my playlist

| >>565728 haha you remind you of a friend, she has a playlist called "acceptable" which is a list of songs that has no weeb shit and is "socially acceptable". So when anybody asks her to play her songs, she'll be in cameo.

| I only got like one or two out of a hundred or so.

... But it's entirely possible these other J-pops and J-rock were used as anime op/ed at some point. I listen to a lot of Kalafina before I watched Madoka and realised that's where their best song is from.

| does Anime's Original Soundtrack counts as anime song? like you know, the music when they're talking(monogatari).

| >>9bc6e5 yep, I guess

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