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Rec some anime with thicc girls.

| I-I... I have my needs.

| >>561463 mmmm thicc, sorry can't help... well I'm pretty sure Rika has some thigh-high sock bulge in Chuniibyo

| Well there's that new joshikausei one where the thighs go clopclop and noone talks.

| >>561463
pretty sure there was a religion around Rikka's thighs at some point

| Ain't an anime but check out Amanao Megumi Wa Suki Darake. It's a cute ecchi manga.
Also, nana to kaoru

| Kodomo no jikan, [email protected], nichijou, pop team epic

| >>74df92 kodomo no jikan? Isn't that about like a primary school girl trying to date her teacher?

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This thread is permanently archived