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What's your opinion of JoJo part 5 so far?


| I'm liking the anime of part 5 better than I liked the manga
But it's probably because I read the black and white version and Araki's art before part 7 is really hard to follow without color

| Part 5 is just as good as the others.
All jojo parts are special, and all the fans can like each of their different parts.
But we all can agree on one thing.

Part 1 sucks and should only be watched for the backstory

| >>561263
I had a friend who liked part 1 and 2 but couldn't find it in him to continue enjoying the series beyond that. Looking back, part 1 and 2 were the only ones where the main characters had to learn their power and the villains had actual character development. In part 3 onwards it turned into "villain of the week" format and the only exception was Kira which is why he was so interesting (gotta admit, Dio kinda sucked in part 3 despite his ability)

| Best part of the anime yet imo
Giogio is worst jojo and I felt like he performed a lot of asspulls, though.

| The fuck does king crimson even do

| >>561263 hamon> stands

| The sad thing is how Araki cut off Fugo because Purple Haze was the very weakness of King Crimson
>>561889 you are objectively correct, but Spin> Hamon

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This thread is permanently archived