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Recommendations for slice of life anime.

| I'm new to anime and I'm just fascinated by this genre. I've already watched Non Non Biyori, Lucky Stars and even Toradora! which has a little bit element of romance.

Therefore, I'm just curious, is there any more anime like this?

Romance is allowed as long as it have that slice of life elements to it.

Thanks in advance!

(I know Google is a reliable source to search for this kind of thing but, I kinda want to hear it directly from the community)

| Kimi to boku <- super chill

Danshi koukousei no nichijou <- more comedy than slice of life, not chill but super relatable

Acchi kocchi <- has comedy, romance and is chill

| K-on. You can love it, you can hate it, but you can't ignore it

Nichijou. It is a god of slice of life genre, K-on - is a goddess

Aiura is a gem

Working is fun and chill at the same time

Barakamon is just awesome.

Also Tanaka-kun and Yuru Camp.

This list will keep you busy for a while. Welcome to club!

| Hinamatsuri is amazing

| Steinfeld is pretty great imo

| Thanks for the recommendations everyone! My schedule is pretty much full of anime watching session right now lol.

I've watched a few episodes of the anime Kimi to Boku and I'm pretty glad I did. I'll finish this one then maybe I'll move on to the other recs. Thanks again anon-san!

| Tatami Galaxy

| Seitokai Yakuindomo.
It's something like "dirty" comedy, with tons of vulgar jokes, but very cool.

| >>560497
>Nichijou. It is a god of slice of life genre
yeah, its fucking great. Place to place is somewhat similar but is moreso centers around romance between characters. (far more than nichijou, that is)

| Nichijou is more comedy than slice of life

| Rumiko takahashi* anthology
It's a miniseries of independent stories about "normal" people.

*creator of mermaid saga, inuyasha & ranma1/2

| I would recommend Toradora

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This thread is permanently archived