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A Certain Magical Index III

| God, what a shame. This is one of my favourite franchises, I was so bloody hyped for the 3rd season after all of these years and... It was just so shite. It could've been so much more, and all I feel is dissapointment.


| I hate Index (the character) so fucking much. She's a spoiled little bitch who visits all kinds of physical and mental abuse on Touma and he just lets her! I imagine this behaviour is supposed to come off as cute and it really doesn't.

I liked the premise, though! Science vs Magic sounds like a good story, but ultimately the show doesn't do anything noteworthy with this trope.

tl;dr: Watching A Certain Magical Index is agony.

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Have you watched A Certain Scientific Railgun?

Focuses more on best girl and is really great

| >>559817 Yeah, I did and Railgun's leagues better. The plot is still kinda forgettable, though. I enjoyed the characters more than I did the plot. I guess the Toaru series just isn't for me.

| Should I watch this show? I mean I watch half way through the first season and I hated the whole "lost his memory" kind of thing. I found it really annoying. But I also want to watch railgun so idk what to do

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Truthfully the whole lost his memory thing was always an odd plot point for me because it basically didn't effect the story at all, it just sort of happened and had no consequences but it sort of a comes back in s3 but the whole season is a mess and the memory thing still doesn't mean much.

Still If you want to, go ahead and watch Railgun, you'll probably have a better experience and Touma hardly shows up except for the sister arc, which imo is the peak of the series.

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