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Thoughts on Shield Hero


| It's an amalgam of serotonin with the essence of asclepius ascending through the gates of the outerlands

| It's a good and honest adaptation of the manga. 'Nuf said.

| Didn't look interesting enough to give it a chance. Then came the memes and that's the moment it was dead to me.

| Ep 6, It's a lot better compared to the manga. It really gives me some SAO vibes tho

| I hate anime with game elements, but i still watch shield hero

| Good adaption of a great story.

| I was afraid my interest in it would go away what with it having 24 episodes or so in one season, but I thoroughly enjoyed the latest episode. Pretty alright/10

| If you're a masochistic kinda g/u/rl who gets horny when being misunderstood and ripped off your rightfully rights til you orgasm, then this anime is perfect for you.

And don't forget the lolis.

| Had a good start but now it is just another generic harem-isekai. Disappointed.

| >>560242 Harem? Maybe.

But generic? You're totally wrong.
The setting is not the typical highschool setting. The mc is not the usual dense, justice driven kinda guy. The story is unique too where it highlights a fallen hero which is rare in the anime industry. Therefore, I don't understand what you're talking about.

I've read the manga far enough and trust me when I tell you there's A LOT coming.

| Not best, but my fav isekai so far except NGNL. Maybe it's because I'm watching it week by week during season and I think it's perfect anime to watch this way. Dunno if I would watch this whole at once off season.

| >>560257
> The setting is not the typical highschool setting

Well, did you notice the word "isekai" after "generic"?

> The mc is not the usual dense, justice driven kinda guy

He is now. Why else did he preach Raphtalia for attempting to kill that ugly bastard?

> The story is unique too where it highlights a fallen hero

He is not a fallen hero just because everyone else is retarded.

| >>560342
Naofumi stopped Raphtalia from killing is not because of justice. Do you even know what justice means? If it's really true that he is justice-driven at all, he would most probably let Raph give him punishment for what he had done in the past.

However in this case, he treats Raph like his own child. And of course he stopped her because he doesn't want her to be corrupted by revenge shit.

| Once people started lewding the loli raccoon girl,I was out.

| finally an anime adressing the matriarchy issue

| wtf i heard naofumi say fortnite

| naocumi is a fucking incel no wonder why hes a mad virgin

| Haven't watched Shield Hero, but from what I can see it looks like some really edgy shit. I prefer the more light-hearted variant of females shitting on men: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs.

| NaoNao's wholesome adventure lovedust feelsaders

| If the anime reaches where the lightnov is, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised that Naofumi aint much of a justiceman

| I read the light novel but the anime is a bit boring so I dropped it

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