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How's pokémon anime-wise

| I've only seen the first season (Indigo league if I'm not mistaken), so I wonder how the series is doing nowadays.

| I heard it went downhill on diamond and pearl season(can't confirm, I dropped on the advanced battle season, gen 3)
But got a gloriously comfy soft reboot on sun and moon with Ash engaging in a more slice of lifey adventure
Though I can't confirm because it was all hearsay

| Read the manga it is 10000000% better and is not watered down like the anime though ofc ask is not in any of the new ones which is... Good.

| Early Pokemon is really good, especially since the characters are so sassy. So like the first two seasons especially. I can't say much on later. Some people I know really enjoyed X and Y, but I don't know. I just play the games mostly.

| Utter shit. All of it. Pure shit.

| Manga's better. Even the games are better so you're wasting your time with the anime. At least just watch the movies.

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Eh, I've never liked the games past the first few. That's just because they all feel pretty same-y to me and none of them have a compelling story, to my knowledge.

Also how is the manga better, like how is it watered down exactly? Never read it before.

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AFAIK Pokémon Adventures has a decent story. I only read the earlier volumes though, so I have no idea how it is past the Yellow adaptation.

| satoshi will never become a pokemon master

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