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Wtf is up with Date a live III

| I'm about 5 episodes in and its way less ecchi/provocative compared to the first two seasons.

I'm not saying that I like ecchi anime just for the ecchi but it feels very uncanny for it to just switch like this. It doesn't really feel like date a live. The yamai sisters have way more clothes on in their transformation now, also there are no pointless panty and butt shots like in the first two seasons, also it cuts away when he deals the powers of the first spirit

| I'm actually really disappointed and I feel like we are missing out on stuff. Is there some new kind of censorship barrier that caused this? It feels close to what's happening with the senran kagura games

| >>559196 what, they're starting to censor Senran Kagura?
The PC culture went too far this time!

| Eh, unless someone that read the light novel can point out which part that are purposefully made less sexual on season 3, I am not jumping on the SJW crying bandwagon.

Didn't we just get goblin slayes last year? The first episode shows rape. Also shield hero is currently airing, and people say it triggers the SJW.

| >>65bbc3 but it's like if they suddenly took jokes out of Marvel movies. It'd just be weird, and people didn't flip out over the last two seasons so why would they now?

Not only that but the the whole 3rd season doesn't seem as polished as the 1st and 2nd season. I mean it has unanimated fight scenes where it's basically just a slideshow. Wtf is that??

| Remember that it has been 4 years since date a live season 2 aired. Maybe the director trying to sell it to fans who has grown up and has access to porn now (hence the ecchi scenes are pointless)

>points at god of war
A game about killing god realizes that the audiance has grown up. Now it turns into daddy simulator game.

| >>559292 maybe that's how it is in the light novels, no idea. I don't read them.

About the polish and slideshow scenes. Well, since when JC staff is known for it's animation? I remember even soma/food wars was kinda slideshowy sometimes.

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