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List your top 5 favourite characters

| 1. that nameless girl from Jintai
2. Junko Enoshima
3. Bernkastel
4. Hitagi Senjougahara
5. Asuka Tanaka

| 1. Antarctictite - Land of the Lustrous
2. Ema Yasuhara - Shirobako
3. Nanachi - Made in Abyss
4. Jin - Samurai Champloo
5. Brook - One Piece

| >>558924 that's what I call a good taste

| Of all time? That's hard

1. Nana Osaki from Nana
2. This one is secret lol
3. Akira from togainu no chi
4. Simon Blackquill from Ace Attorney
5. Majima from Yakuza (he's best /g/url)

Though ask me another day and I'll probably change my answer except Nana

| >>558970 why not Godot? He's such a classy man!

| 1 Gintoki(Gintama)
2 Kamina(Gurren Lagann)
3 Sousuke(Full Metal Panic)
4 Tiger(Tiger and Bunny)
5 Shizuo(Durarara)

I was going to post mostly Gintama characters so I limited my list to one per show

| 1. Hoto Cocoa (is the order a rabbit?)
2. Yoshikage Kira (JoJo DiU)
3. Dorothy Haze
4. Tanya von Degurechaff (Youjo Senki)
5. Kokkuri-san (Gugure Kokkuri-san)

I just write the first thing came out of my mind

| >>559092 Dorothy sneaks into the list, but Kira is on top of her.

| 1. Vash from Trigun
2. Homura from Madoka
3. Balalaika from Black Lagoon
4. Doctor from Saya no Uta
5. Guy with thick glasses from Katawa Shoujo

| >>559039 I like Godot too, he's really bad ass but Simon makes me laugh a lot with his court banter and he's hot which is a plus :p

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