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Ace Attorney Anime

| I wish it was much better than we have...

| >watching Ace Attorney anime
Isn't better just playing the games?

| the online game version is better

| >>06d452
I agree with you. I completed the first trilogy completely. And I was curious about the anime.
I am so disappointed

| Never watched the anime but I heard it's a flop, kinda like
P5 animation lol. The live action movie is funny though

Captcha: pokes Larry grams

Goddammit even here,larry???

| >>558969 funny how their adaptations have been done by the same studio
Tho in all honesty A1 has some good anime just not this time

| I watched one episode of it and dropped because i played all the games already. Are all the episodes a adaption or thats just it?

| Video game adaptation + souless studio like A1. It is almost guaranteed that the anime will be shit

| >>558969
I watched the live action movie and it was extemely bad but also the sort of extremely bad that kind round back to being extremely good?

The only way I can enjoy the anime is through "best of" compilations on YouTube. It's full of reaction pics but not much else, huh

| >>559001
I think there was a new case in the second season written by Shuu Takumi himself

| >>559090 yeah the live action movie is so terrible is actually kinda cool. If you don't mind cringe laughing at anime gags

| >>559090 the live action looks kinda shitty at first but it also looks overly "animesque" and has a lot of this kind of japanese doramas' hammy charm
And also the stalling gag omg that was hilarious i legit died

| >>559090 the live action was hands-down the best videogame live action adaptation ever
Not that there's much competition

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