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Eyegasmic Anime

| Any recommendations? I don't care about the story, I just want to look at really cool backgrounds and aniations. So far, I've only found Flip Flappers and Gatchaman Crowds. Anything Trigger goes without saying by the way.

| Ponyo, all them delicious hand drawn backgrounds, ponyo riding the storm waves is one of my fav animated scene. But you probably wouldn't like the story since a lot of people call it "childish"

Ame & Yuki Wolf children. Again you probably wouldn't like the story, because there is almost no action in here.

Hyouka. A lot of interesting shots, the setting is based on actual town.

| Oh and also. Made In Abyss. Early episodes has a lot of great animation. The world is interesting. The mid part sucks, though.

| Megalobox
At least to me it's gorgeous

| Redline
Anything by Shinkai

| >>558823 Ponyo Isabel great and comfy :)
Gunbuster/Diebuster (anything by that studio)

| >>558893 *Ponyo is... wtf

| Monogatari Series

> ebb thoth swede

| Ghost in the Shell: Innocence, Paprika.

| Just watch Your Name

| >>558843
Damn, was about to say Redline.
Really love the animation and art style of it

| Have you gurls ever heard of Kyoto ani huh?

| Tekkon kinkreet
Metropolis (Rintaro version)
5cm per seconds
Eve no jikan
The first Ghost in the Shell movie

| Tsuritama
Mekaku city actors
Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

| Hakumei to Mikochi. It's about two tiny humanoid creatures living in the forest and their daily lives. Very comfy series.

| Shape of voice is very good too

| Surprised no one said Violet Evergarden

| Kemono Friends

| >>558926 >>559028 GitS2 was good, but I think original looked better. No shortcuts or CGI there, all hand-drawn.

| Lol every anime produced by ufotable is eye candy. Take the Fate series as an example.

| Berserk 2016, Kemono Friends, Pop Team Epic, Pingu, RYWB

| K Project. Their character model can be a bit too lanky, but the visual direction is interesting

| Just type in Google "kyoto animation titles"


| Shinsekai yori, by far my favourite.

| >>559565 this anime has a big gay plot twist at the approximately 17 episode
You have to notify people when you suggest something like that

| >>63e36c it is not relevant, its just lore and has nothing to do with the real story

| Land of the Lustrous is gorgeous, especially for being mostly CG. Good characters too. It's all so pretty

| I'm surprised that you're all forgetting Kill la Kill.

>>ea1b84 I second this. It's one of the only CG anime without bad CG.

| Flip flap flip flap!
Flip flappers is a good one and that's the catchy theme song ya crazy mods

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