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Nice to meet you all!

| Can one be a self diagnosed weeb? Also Pokie are overrated, I'm not saying the product is wrong but people make them overrated. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

| Nice to meet you too! Fricking weeb.

| >>bf5e5c

Yeah harder daddy (๑´ㅁ`)

| Are you talking about Pocky? It's clear you're a fake weeb when you don't know how to spell the only reason for a yuri kiss.

| >>7c27f4 Yeah but I'm a weeb of culture, I prefer indirect kisses. Sweetest love

| salutations fellow trash!

| >>8cafc8 how goes finding your waifu/tinder games?

| Do you ever speak weebanese? Do you ayaya? Weeb is a term too broad nowadays unfortunately.

| I have fallen from the grace of God and Anime and become but the shell of a weeb. I have no merch, I forgot all of Japanese, and at this point I hardly even watch anime. I still feel like and am called a weeb, though; I have all of the curse and none of the benefits.

| >>558833 大変ですねー

| >>558833 same, same... those were the days tho huh? The kids these days have it so easy, so much subbed anime, graphic novels, manga, hentai etc... back in my day we were lucky if we could watch Pokemon... or DBZ... or Power Rangers haha. I didn't even watch those though. Got in big with Cowboy Bebop and Adult Swim on Cartoon Network...

| >>8403c4 I don't think so, I try my hardest to speak proper japanese so I don't end up getting the ugly eyes. I do Arara in my lonely time when I'm reading shota jokes. LoL

| Weeaboo is a derogatory term for westerners that unironically think that Japan is superior in every way to the west. The term was later mutated into weeb and other variations meaning just a westerner with an interest in Japanese culture, mainly anime, manga and video games.

Calling yourself a weeb is the equivalent of a sub-saharan calling themselves a nigger.

| >>559053 and proud of it haha

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