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Why do we have these recap episodes in Jojo?

| Is there any reason?, why a recap, do they need time to animate the next episodes?

| I'm guessing it's filler for the animators to get more time to animate. Or to give them a little break.

| the staff need a break, recap episode is pretty popular for long running series. animators are human too you know? and they work like almost 24/7 also they have low wages, please understand them.

| >>558389
Yes, working as an animator in Japan is actually very rough. I have mad respect for them because they work nonstop pretty much every day. I'm glad studios give them breaks like that.

| >>558389 hey hey hey, I understand and respect that, I thought that they animated the series first and then they released it. So that's why I was asking. I didn't knew that they were still working on it.

| Why are you watching jojo in the first place?

| So we don't get quality queen (see part 4 pre blue-rays). On another note, loving part 5 right now.

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This thread is permanently archived