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The end of Evangelion

| C'mon g/u/rls, explain me the end of Evangelion, at least one of you gotta know.

| You mean explain the movie or the end of the series?

Well the end of the show is that the two most depressed and suicidal characters (Asuka and Shinji) start to understand why life is so important and end up choosing to keep living while everyone else chooses to leave the real world and instead live fake superficial lives

| Damn, I have been meaning to watch that some day, thanks for reminding me :)

| is there any meaning?

| Wait, in which, the series or the movie, was the human instrumentality applied. If I remember correctly it was in the series, but I'd like a second opinion.

| Meaning: Otaku praise the original Evangelion to a point of cult success.

Seeing that the fans will eat up any products related to it, they decided to remake the story over and over again.

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This thread is permanently archived