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So like, who here unironically likes Initial D?

| Title says it all bouyo

| People ironically like Initial D?

| >>681285
Most people only like its memes and not the actual anime.

| Initial D is actually a great anime and the euro beat really makes the races intense.

People usually meme the euro beat and Kansai durifto but don't even know what initial d is, if you've watched it you've probably had a blast.

| Ill need to watch it in my spair time, I always see the arcade and juse be like <is this series good?>

| gas GAS GAS

But yeah I like it too, though the... uh... series kinda dropped in quality near the end, up to current year.

| Watched it. It's great. First season is the best part I'd say. Eurobeat's great.

| Some good shit

| I watched the live action movie and it was actually very good. The acting/dialog was mediocre, but the race scenes were great. Redline was better, though, until the end.
I haven't seen the actual show yet, but I will once I have more time.

| Me!

...well, actually I just like the music from Initial D. I've always been a fan of eurobeat music lol

| I watch original and remake if i remember right,like the old one a fuck ton tho

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This thread is permanently archived