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Most fucked up anime you've seen?

| I'll start. Shiiku x Kanojo. God, this shit was so wrong it left a terrible lasting impression on me...

| I think it was terraformars uncensored
Went in expecting boobies all I got was gore

| Madoka

| Dead leaves

| Yostuba&!

| Depends but boku no pico is really fucked up

| >>cb868f that's a hentai but yea, that fucking stuck with me I hated it so much and idk why I watched the whole thing because fuck it's so terrible what happens in that

| Happy sugar life

| >>556701 Pico recieved LOVE not abuse, you bastard!!!

| Lichi hikari club, at least it seemed so when i first watched it

| Berserk. I like the series, but it's still pretty fucked up. Should have read the manga before watching anime because the anime starts out pretty normal but then everything just goes downhill. At least in the manga, it shows you what kinda stuff you'll be in for

| Prison school. Dropped after 2 episodes.

| >>09acc7 Ive heard good things about that show tho

| Koisuru no bokkun's ova.... God, I hated it so much because of the infamous rape trope going way outta hand....I can't

| It took me 3 separate attempts to watch episode 10 of Made in Abyss without feeling like I was going to vomit.

| >>557004 Ooooo o_o that looks super good and cute. All the more impact when bad things happen (I read synopses of ep10, and... wow). Worth watching?

| I guess Mnemosyne

| Magical girl site or Shoujo Ramune if hentai counts.

| >>557126 magical girl site?

| School Days

| Sonic the hedgehog 15: the quest for feet

| >>557126 Shoujo Ramune is great

| >>557407
Yeah, old dude basically raping 8 year old children against their will, pretty great I guess.

| >>557409 the girls like it and even want more so I don't see anything wrong with it

| Also from what I remember there was only 1 rape scene in all of those episodes

| Anime was a mistake

| do school days count?

| >>557631 school days is an interesting one, first time it's horrendous and traumatizing then it loses all impact forever if you watch a second time

| >>557041
Yes, MiA is very much a recommendation.

| The entier Gobline slayer episode

| All of Higurashi is pretty fucked up.

| >>557728 I'll get a second box of tissues out, just in case.

| Hirugashi fingernail ripping episode


| FLCL dammit

| >>558182 I think they're talking about a different kind of fucked up. FLCL is certainly bizarre, but it's fun, no fingernail ripping is involved...

| >150 posts
>no technolyze

| hands down to Yosuga no Sora, because they show sex scene on regular tv broadcast

| Flowers of Evil is a really fucked up psychological horror. It's not violent or anything, but it feels like something that could actually happen. That combined with the extremely creepy art style and nightmare-ish music easily makes it the most fucked up anime I've ever watched.

| >>558478 never seen, but reminds me of Perfect Blue...

| >>558505
Never heard of Perfect Blue and they seem to be very different, but now I kind of want to watch it.

| >>558525 yea, not so much the content as your description of the type of movie. It's really good... I forget who wrote or directed it, somebody good who did other good things :p

| >>557764 I'm glad someone mentioned higurashi! Umineko is a ride too lol

Is this only me but did anyone get fucked up when watching Blood+ or FMA(the scene when they tried to resurrect their mom)?

| Also, pupa

| >>558892 satoshi kon
He also did other cool pieces like paprica or millennial actress

| >>558988
Oh fuck. Now I have no choice but to watch it.

| Perfect Blue. Seriously, watch it if you want to have a traumatic experience.

| >>558351

This. Texhnolyze and Wolf's rain.

Each episode on both is even more fucked up than the last one in terms of drama. Prepare the tissues

| >>559315 previous*, not last

| >>559315 Wolf's Rain is Shinchiro Watanabe right? With music by Yoko Kanno? I saw a few episodes on TV ages ago and didn't get it...

| >>559331

It's confusing on purpose (no omniscient narrator who magically explains the pilot's background, no introductions, etc) so it requires (and Texhnolyze too) some patience at the start

| >>559338 Yea, i'm sure it's good, just kind of forgot about it. Thanks for the info :)

| Lucky Star. Might seem cute at first til you really understand what's going on: they're all adult men pretending to be little girls

| Lucky star: seems legiiiitttt oh fuck no

| >>559373 is this anything different than the rest of the internet? Maybe it's a documentary. Dare I say... an Otakumentary

| Most messed up anime: my life. Had a harem till 5th grade when my dad and I moved in with my abusive therapist stepmother (they're still married btw). Got thrown in a psych ward for middle school; almost got put in a foster family because they couldn't figure out that it wasn't me. Ended up living in an apartment that my dad paid for and finishing highschool as 'the quiet kid in the corner of the room that has the best grades but

| talks to noone.' I made my GPA 3.14 and was in accelerated learning classes, which were boring. Stepmom thinks that I'm a literal demon and last time I saw her she threw a Bible at me and started screeching. Dad and her have 2 daughters that don't know I exist. They are 4 and 5 years old I think.

| Most fucked thing about this is it's live action.

| Sci-fi Harry and gun grave.... jk the most fucked up anime was the one with that star shaped fucker.

| >>559468 sounds hard to believe... is green screen, or did they use CGI?

| >>559468
Huh. That does legit sound like an anime. The type of anime you'd watch and then get depressed as fuck. But to look on the bright side, it sounds like you're at the point where you discover/receive your superpowers/amazing talent.

I'm guessing it's like episode 2 or 3 depending on the pacing of the show, which is usually where it starts getting interesting and you start to figure out what the main plot is. Enjoy your demonic powers.

| Oreimo.

| Imoucho.

| Euphoria

| There's this new anime that's literally about eating ass. I don't remember the title but it's fucked up as hell.

| >>560102
Fucked up? That sounds awesome!

| The Laughing Salesman

| Bayblades is pretty fucked up.

| >>560409 don't forget b-daman. It still haunts me how b-damans can actually talk in the anime.

| How about Blood-C??.
That shit is wack from start to finish like, dude, rampaging bunny fuckos try eat the fuck out of townspeople blendering them, skewered them like they are doing Barbeque, also splitting girls half-assed

| >>560464 you got me interested

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