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Anime genres/cliches that you absolutely hate

| Harem is shit (except for like 2 shows)
And the "walking in on someone naked" cliche

| Lol "walking in on someone naked" is one of my favorite ecchi tropes
I hate more than any other the power of friendship ex machina and the dude who's too much of a coward to ask the girl out before the last few episodes cliche

| >>555386 what are good harem shows in your opinion? Just kininarimasu

| I fucking hate how they insert all these ugly ass animal sidekick characters. They disgust me.

| Why are you guys watching harem anime? I thought we had better taste than this
Captcha: world value style

| "Y-You can't kill him! This is wrong".

Absolutely disgusting.

| - Harem anime
- Over the top tsunderes
- Edgy amime protag with no personality who needs validation in the form of girls ogling him
- The power of friendship
- Girl gets raped or borderline molested just for shock value (Berserk did it okay, but it got tiring after a while seeing every single demon wanting to rape literally everyone including the main dude.)
- Annoying side-kick character
- The girl that's all like "notice me" but the guy is either clueless or doesnt care

| A lot of shoujo manga/anime annoy me, mostly drama. I read most genres of manga, including shoujo. All genres have tropes, but shoujo annoys me most.

Marysue protag who is plain to everyone except hot guys (who all fight over her). The rich + mean hot love interest vs hot headed rival. Cruel popular girl wearing shittons of makeup and does horrible things to marysue (with bitch posse or manipulates) - only to be befriended before end of story, etc. At least shounen has action.

| >>555441 agree with this, screw mascot characters in JRPGs and anime

| Not just anime but the two love interest failing to communicate/getting jealous over stupid shit

| >>555710 then you must hate the anime Gamers! from the bottom of your heart

> semen flees vedas

| Fuck isekai.

| >>555599 even the fluffy thing from the fugikensmth mononosmth

| Also I've walked in on a girl naked before to borrow a plunger. she was embarrassed, but i didn't feel like sexual tension or anything. It was just awkard but I got my plunger I guess. So.... Fake news

| >>555717 haven't seen it but thanks for the warning, honestly I just cringe to death when shit like that happens, it's like people don't understand that communication is probably the most important thing in a relationship

| >>556137
Yessssss, preach, g/u/rl!

| harem definitely. i hate how a fucking dumbass gets all the girls. if it's yuri though... heh

| >>556166 does Yuri harem even exist? It seems to me it's always *generic male #43*

| when protagonist likes one girl but suddenly gets married to another giry and then a fucking harem begins, so he can never really choose a girl. (I'm looking at you To Love Ru)

| I hate when the op can just so simply resolve a situation with like 2 words but he doesn't and it just comes off as frustrating and lazy writing. Apart from that I also thing that "Moe" is too cliche rn, it's fine for one or two animes a season to be just idol, slice of life Moe shit with cute girls in copy pasted situations, but not when it's dominating anime

| A thing I hate from Yu-Gi-Oh is when a character starts visualizing a combo in their mind, because it will always fail.

| >>556655
That's very true to life, though.

| >>556662 Sadly. But sometimes things work. Yesterday, the AI got Rocket Arrow Express (5000 atk, destroy hand each turn, can't have other cards on your field), while I had Swords of Burning Light (opponent can't attack unless they have 5 monsters, or you have 1). Poor Anna.

This old grandpa refuses to use any new summoning method. Except Synchro, only because Hot Red Dragon goes well with my Macro Cosmos-Eatos-Yubel mess of a deck.

| >>556700 after links became a thing I started playing like the old times, no extra deck and avoiding special summons

| i fucking hate when mc or chara scream whenever he talk to women, god how can someone be like that.

| *grabs her katana blade*
*sounds like a mountain doing the T-Step*

| It's gotta be yuri for me its like always the same two or four types of g/u/rls doing the same yuri bait shit no risk no innovation just boring fan service.

| Hate it when main character goes from "I came from a harsh family" to "i can take on anything because im overpowered" :/

| >>555524 this
The fucking "don't stoop to their level" bullshit even though it'll just end up with them killing way more people

| There's a Truck-san offbrand anime with dinosuars

| Probably late to the party but i hate it when drama is forced because of miscommunication like protagonist doesn't have the balls to tell the truth and now we are forced for other shit to happen. Happens so often I'm getting sick of it (* ̄m ̄)

| "this scene contain lap dancing, but somebody immidiately walk in" is easily the most infuriating cliche ever in romance anime

| https://youtu.be/o9xkSqGgjEA


I really hate that

| >>557778
Not just a anime cliche, just a cliche with good guy characters in fiction in general. I mean, most obvious example, have you seen Batman stuff?

| >>555524 >>557778 >>558675 this probably exists for characters that don't have superpowers and don't work for an organization(just like Batman, at least before justice league) to make sure fans don't try to become vigilantes themselves
And before you say this is BS remember, we live in a society where people actually believe violent videogames turn you violent even though all research on it says it's not true

| >>558691
Huh, I don't know if that's true but I wouldn't be surprised.

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