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Any of you g/u/rls can tell the source of this picture

| https://ibb.co/qsMbphM

| /d/

| It's something I'd do in /d/, but /a/ works I guess.

The sauce is Hakudaku MesuHomo White Day. Here's a link for convenience sake: https://nhentai.net/g/170419/

Have fun!

| Main reason I asked /a/ instead of /d/ is because I was hoping that it wouldn't be frome some manga insted of being from a hentai

| >>551141 you must be very optimistic

| >>551542 I try

| In glad I didn't click on it straight away and saw its a hentai pic first

| >>551819
The link OP has is mostly SFW.

| it's sfw but it's pretty obviously from something nsfw

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This thread is permanently archived