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| Just watched Made in Abyss and I was wondering.... Is the author a pedo? Or like, even remotely sane? The manga is now making me even more concerned for his mental state.

| The author probably likes drawing children. Or finds them easier or more fun, or more expressive to draw. Made in Abyss feels like a very "i just drew what i wanted to" kind of series. Which i think is part of what makes it intereating and compelling. But if that makes him insane or a pedo or whatever i think its up to you.

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Yes. He's a self-admitted pedo with a guro fetish.

| He is mentally ill. Please help cure him by buying the manga and blurays.


| The hard copies of the manga have erotic bonus art on the back inside cover. So I would assume yes.
Somehow, this manga with bare loli tits is being sold at Books a Million in the US, and somehow no major entity has brought it up.

And if I may bring up for semantic reasons: I had the understanding that there is a societal difference between pedophilia and lolicon in JP, which would explain why it is not as heavily scrutinized as it is here in the US. Is this actually the case?

| >>550082 I'm almost sure that for them it's the same thing

| The author is unambiguously a fucked up pedo. Great manga though.

| The author is pedo, the characters are lolis/shotas, so everyone who watch the anime/read the manga is also pedo, gratz!

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I've heard that one of the primary arguments that they rely on is that 2d is an outlet for the urges. I've also heard that if a lolicon becomes a pedophile they are lucky to survive until the police arrive if other lolicons find out about it.
Knowing your niche group of lolicons will murder you, combined with japanese social custom, is apparently a strong deterrent.

| >>550211 you're making me love Japan more and more, imagine a society where perverts and degeneratds monitor their own to make sure that they don't cross the line!
Ok the killing part is cruel and wrong, but the mere fact that they have a conscience to know the difference between real and fiction and that they should do whatever they can to avoid the real is a lot better than here in the west where pedos try to legalize pedophilia under the assumption that love knows no age

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