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What is the best site to keep track of manga and webtoon chapters

| Title says it all

| Readmanga for manga (also mintmanga for mature. All they're is grouple.co)
And Webtoon for Webtoon exactly

| I use the mangarock app for manga. It has nearly everything. I run into a common issue with most apps or websites that the content is either broken or not avaliable anymore. I've almost never seen that on mangarock, once or twice (I use the definitive version).

Mangarock has some webtoons, but just go to Webtoon app/site for that. There are also some chinese comics on mangarock (probably from Lezin), but I find they are lower quality (both upload and translation wise).

| I was thinking more of a site to replace myanimelist as I don't like it

| >>549609 mangarock have too many ads imho

| >>549619
An Excel/OpenOffice/LibreOffice spreadsheet would actually do pretty good for you in that case. It would also allow you to track things most sites such as MAL would not.

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This thread is permanently archived