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What do you think about Studio Trigger

| Idk, I just want to hear some opinions on the studio as a whole since it's work have all polarising reviews and opinions and hate and praise and etcetera etcetera

| I've seen two of their shows, three if you count Panty & Stocking as the creators of that show at Gainax before splitting to make Trigger.

I enjoyed P&S, despite my problems with individuals in the English cast (which have little to do with Trigger).

I loved Kill la Kill. I didn't care for Darling in the Franxx.

I heard Little Witch Academia was good, but I never watched it or even read the manga.

| I love Studio Trigger, Little Witch Academia is everything.

| I think they're great overall, though they often do sexualization in a creepy way.

| They walk this fine line of mediocrity and actually good.

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This. They're kinda unpredictable. I hope they release another Inferno Cop/Ninja Slayer shitshow, they're fucking amazing. Also I love the LWA movies.

| I like it but some scenes in their anime feels way too predictable at times, especially at the ending

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They definitely like their formulas.
LWA is fun, and oddly more popular in the West than Japan.

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| Love em

| Only one comment is about Inferno Cop. I'm dissapointed.

| You still need to count Gurren Lagann and BLACKKKKK ROCKKKK SHOOTAAAAAA~ LWA is fun , didn't expect there will be a little twist at the end. The supernatural battle in a common place or sth is uhh... mediocre I guess, but I freaking love trigger

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Inferno Cop actually saved anime

| I have never watched the lil mini series like Inferno Cop, Luluco, and stuff, thanks for reminding me those exist

| Also, OP here >>550013 the identifier changed,>>549576 I love Darling in the FRANXX except when the Trigger formula starts making it Gurren Lagann all over and also I'm actually watching Kill La Kill and holy shit it's so good

| >>550014 ...you will see.

| animation wise they're some of the best, cant say im experienced enough to comment on their writing, and I think sexualization is just part of their game (avoided Franxx for that reason) but I'm interested in Promare, with Kamina 2 Electric Boogaloo

| Trigger is great, but Franxx was a mistake.

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