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Need inspiring anime

| Sora yori mo tooi
Made In Abyss

That's kinda about it need more, any recommendations?

| What's more inspiring then gurren lagaan

| >>549101

Also 'Welcome to the NHK' in a way.

Definitely try 'The Tatami Galaxy', 'Steins;Gate' and 'S;G 0' were definitely inspirational oh and 'Shirobako', 'Sakura Quest' and 'Re:Life' were all great.

| Seen all of them except Sakura quest and tatami galacy. How similar is sakura quest to shirobako?

| A place further than the Universe

| Kodomo No Jikan

| I find mob psycho 100 very inspiring, especially the second season

| >>549106 tatami galaxy felt more like it would beat you down than pick you up imo
Captcha heady magi wang

| Angel Beats

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This thread is permanently archived