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Anime that everyone liked except you

| I'll start. Fullmetal alchemist.

| How dare you?? Which part of Fullmetal Alchemist don't you like?

| >>548754 not OP, but when I gave FMA a try the first time, I was turned off by the artstyle. Everyone looks like a potato head. Also it already repeats jokes about how short the main guy is several times by the end of episode one.

But I gave it a second try, and ended up liking it.

Now, for anime that everyone like except for me: Ergo Proxy, Space Dandy, Death Parade, Marnie was here (or something like that, it's a Ghibli Film)

| For me Ergo Proxy and The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. Ergo seemed way more pretentious than it deserved and Slime was just annoyingly generic. I watched 5 episodes and could not find a character to care about.

| The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Wasnt even able to finish 1st season.

| Space dandy and dragon ball

| >>548806
I like Slime for how extemely good-naturedly positive it is. But a couple episodes in it just gets a bit too boring.

| That show with the pedo shut in onee san and little gurls, space dandy, seishun buta yarou, the slime one, goblin slayer (novel and mango was better), also that shitty movie shaft made to compete with your name. Fireworks or some shit

| Noragami. It's plain dumb. Can't understand, why everyone is orgasming about it

| Ghost in the Shell (1995) I found terrible

| Psycho-Pass, but I admit it's because I'm uncomfortable with gore and they have a bit too much of it.

I also didn't like the original Ghost in the Shell, so props to >>548845

| Neon Genesis Evangelion
I just can't take it, too depressing and Shinji is the world's biggest wimp ever

| Couldn't get into Attack on Titan.

| SAO, Steins;Gate, Re:0

| I feel personally attacked by each one of these posts.

| Most all seinen, Stein's Gate in particular comes to mind. I'm just not that big into slower series, and could not feel any attachment to the characters.(Which makes me think it was intended)
Also Kill la Kill, but that may have been for other reasons, as it is hard to watch pretty much any series immediately after binging TTGL.

| One punch man anime, thought it was a couple good jokes on shounen genre but wasn't in love with it.

| evangelion. Shinji's writing is all over the place. I know he's just a kid with a big responsibility but still he's way too emotional for a main character.

>>548891 Well it isn't an action anime. As you said they need that slow time to introduce the characters and world around them, it's story already confusing for most people. Without the begining part it could be impossible to understand anything.

| jojo

| Goblin slayer and Fate (probably)
I hate them
I just don't really like the story
The art style was fine
The problem is just the story
And the whole fanbase as well

| I mean i don't hate them
I dislike the anime

| jojo

| bunny girl senpai

| jojo

| Fate.
Terrible fanbase and fucking up search indexes of every character they name.

| >>549022 >>549010 >>548991 Thanks for singing along the JoJo opening, nice to see fans here

| >>549049 Was that a reference?

| The premise of Fate sounded cool, but the execution was really boring and too drawn out. After the fact, the premise is actually really stupid. Fate Zero is proof that this proxy war was never a good idea to begin with.

| >>548736 Funny how I instantly thought the same when I saw the title.
Only liked one part in the middle cause it had dark souls vibes to it. MC saying annoying speeches before fights and whatelse is what turns me off. Lots of cringy pathos. Feels like someone MC's age would enjoy it more. I dislike shounen anime for that (not all are like this though).

| >>549088 The game's good if you go in unspoiled.

| Re:Zero. I watched it on recommendation of my coworker but jesus fuck. How many times do I need to watch these characters die before it starts to get entertaining.

| >>549020
The heck?? First time I heard this anime mentioned in this board and it's because someone doesn't like it? :(

That's... Yeah that's fair. FMA is a master at balancing fun shounen bits with serious intertangled plot, but if you're already not into the shounen bits that's understandable.

| >>549194 there're already some thread about bunny girl. Also, not in this board, but a kot of people called it haruhi ripoff

| I never cared for Hetalia. Ever. I always thought it was cringy.

| Toaru majutsu no index

Came for the science and religion reference

Left because all of the characters sucks and it was getting cringy a lot

| >>549194
I've noticed a formula in FMA. They always put the serious plot scenes last.

| >>549236
I only watch it for Accelerator.

| >>549224
The concept of nations as a person is a fun idea, but Hetalia ruins it with gay shipping and moe.

| Every movie by ghibli

| >>549634 you are the coolest person i know

| I dont know if it was actually popular everywhere, but i had a coworker who was obsessed with Danmachi so i tried to watch it and it was so fucking bad i lost most of my respect for this guy.
The main character was so insufferable, and i am so sick of all the fantasy shows using some kind of game mechanic or some shit like that as a gimick.

| >>549970 It's not that popular. The string boob did become a meme costume, though. And also the oppai loli was quite popular, but that's it.

| I never liked goblin slayer. Just boring.

| Attack on Titan. What a cunt tease of anime. I'll never know what's in that freaking basement because they keep doing stupid filler episodes.

Also they killed off Marco.
How fucking dare you Attack on Titan. ;_;

| >>549236 I must be blind because it's my favorite anime from this decade

| >>550156 Everybody has different taste in anime

| >>550528
That wasn't what I was getting at. Of course people have different tastes, but it's baffling that someone found this anime so appalling. I'm worried that I just can't seem to figure out why.

| >>550609 What is there to be baffled about? If you like it, then why would you care?

But if you're still worried, then let me tell you why

The anime tropes, cliches, and characters doesn't age well and it's been repeated too much in other type of animes

Touma is your typical idiotic guy that somehow solves everything by punching peoples faces

The supporting characters doesn't even do justice, hell you have a loli teacher for crying out loud

Overall I just don't like it

| Kill la Kill. I was expecting something with a very different level of seriousness to it. I'm also the kind of person that jumps in watching little to no trailers. So the whole life fiber deal hit me with so much whiplash that I just cannot enjoy it at all. It's very good I hear, and I believe that. I just can't.

| Attack of Titans and partially Cowboy Bebop ( I like the setting , music and style but pacing feels weird, some episodes are really good and some are very boring. I just cant force myself to finish it every time, despite I'm kind of want to)

| Anohana's ending is just obnoxiously overdramatic. The rest of the show is just whiny kids shouting at each other. Angel beats ending is equally dumb.

Hyouka main couple is really shallow and main MC is edgy and unlikable. Secondary couple is far more developed than them. It's mysteries aren't really that compelling and the show survives on the back of Kyoani art alone.

| To be quite sincere I really hated watching Mind Game the movie but then I took a tab of LSD and oh boi
So yeah Mind Game without LSD is pretty trash

| >>550797
Each Cowboy Bebop episode is like its own show with how the ep is paced and written, as if each ep caters to different taste. So "some are really good and some are really boring" is pretty accurate. Those episodes that you find boring might just be someone else's fav.

| Gurren Laggan

Your lie in april


Blue Exorsist


Golden time

Magi? (I don't actually know if people like this show)

| >>551004 Let's face it, you don't like relationship anime

| The bad taste thread

I hate jjba
And pop team epic

| >>551269 Stop right there you criminal scum!

| >>551269 ah. You are motherfucker?

| That's the most successful thread I've ever created. Thank you so much gurls!

| This thread is unholy

| Probably... Blue Exorcist

| Re zero

| Fate prob cuz fanbase are full of fucking chu-2 kids and the story that pathetically serious and it's still not dead bc of horny fan boi wanna fuck BB forth loli version or some shit but i think this is drifted to grand order at this point

| >>551572
I'm surprised at the level of civility too, considering this is Bad Taste: The Thread. Good job, gurls!

| Bakemonogatari is trash. Character designs are good but the seizure inducing kanji spam and esoteric scene direction was trying to hard to be avant garde and made me hate the series. I finished it but I never watched past the first season even if I liked some of the characters. Also Madoka Magica. I like Orobuchi but the non-witch world art style looked so bad I stopped halfway through. The standard anime art just looked too messy to me so I stopped

| Every shounen and isekai except Konosuba.

| Goblin slayer, Boku no Hero Academia and Re:Zero probably. BnHA and Goblin slayer are overhyped as hell and mediocre at best. Goblin is edgy for the sake of being edgy and Deku in BnHA is so bad as a character that even though the other characters are pretty interesting he singlehandedly turns me off from the series. Re:Zero is just bad in my opinion

| like every jojo part except 4 and 7...i just couldn't get behind them. i love the art, the style, (most) characters, the relationships between them, but everything else was so all over the place i couldn't really get into it proper.

it definitely improves with each part (mostly), but i can't see myself picking up 8 anytime soon lol

| Konosuba was fanservice garbage, it felt so generic. You all know this, but are afraid to admit it

| idk how popular it is but Mirai Nikki was the first anime I really hated, the characters just aren't written well and most of them are too wacky zany for how serious the show takes itself. It felt like the writers had no solid plan for a story and just wrote what they thought was cool or funny with no regards to the overall theme it established.

| Boku no Hero Academia. I don't know, I just don't feel the anime for some unknown reason.

| lain

| B&

| Boku no Hero Academia.

| I like Attack on Titan, but I hate Eren tbh

| Death Note.

| >>553449
Damnit, I came in here to say this but you beat me to it.

| >>548845
I know it's necro and all the stuff, but I could not let it be as it is.
You're monster.

| Technolyze. I hate it

| Full metal alchemist brotherhood, never watched the original after it

| God I can't get into that i was turned into a slime anime, it's so fucking boring.

| >>555211 Agreed it's terrible

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