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| What anime pisses you off the most? For me its White Album 2. I like the final pairing but I just think everyone is retarded

| Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Dragon ball because there's a 1:40 new content ratio per episode. At least detective Conan has a 1:1.5 ratio of new content, even if it's just a new mystery every episode. Dragon ball has a 15 episode fight scene.

| If a series pisses you off, just stop watching it.

| Rune Soldier Louie. I got fucking bait and switched. It was supposed to be a cool rpg anime like Slayers, but what I end up with is some inane bullshit with a protagonist too stupid to do is job, and too unlikable to make it funny. Just a horrible experience, I hate that fucking anime.

| I fucking hate Testament of New Sister Devil or w/e it's called. It totally ripped off DxD but completely missed out on the things that made DxD a good show. Instead, it's just bad ecchi.

| >>c6284d is DxD good ecchi? (I haven't seen it since the release of the second season)

| DxD is ok ecchi but it's also a good show. It's probably the best harem anime there is. I haven't watched past S3 though, I should catch up. >>548134

| >>547939
This is not how things work, g/u/rl

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